Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indecorous ? Moi ?

For Sophie an action packed day. Well, action packed if you're a 21 month old PON princess. A brisk walk from the car park to the cafe under the arcades followed by a tail wagging hello to the waitress bearing the illicit half croissant. Before lunch there's time to race round the garden, nap, play tug of war with an oaf of a brother, savage aforementioned brother, nap some more, then play touch rugby in the upstairs hallway. After that a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Sleep. Oh, and snore. Indecorous ?

Late in the evening the angelic duo unearth a very large and very prickly hedgehog in the orchard. Bob discovers that prickly + nose = painful. He lets the whole village know that life is not fair. His muzzle is carefully checked and lashings of love are doled out. 'The font' explains to him this is what happens when you live life in the fast lane. He looks unconvinced but finally settles. Sophie has very sensibly headed off into the kitchen at the first hint of danger. 


  1. After all dat, ya deserve a nap Sophie. Hope Bob's nose feels better.

  2. Er, I can't help noticing that Sophie appears to have borrowed Gail's hairbrush.
    Toodle pip!

  3. There personalities are just so different.

  4. Its amazing the way dogs can pick up the scent of hedgehogs, our previous paws could sense one outside in the garden when she was inside the house. She didn't do Bob's nose trick though, just used to bark very loudly at them. We were sure all the hedgehogs in our garden must have been deaf !

  5. Bob gets hedgehog-ed and Sophie gets the treat. There's just no justice!