Monday, November 10, 2014

The free thinker.

The Old Farmer sets off for a regimental reunion in Arles. '' Average age 83. We're getting on a bit now " he cheerily informs us. He is dressed in his ancient combatants outfit of blue blazer and grey trousers. The check shirt , open toed sandals and fur hat with ear flaps that complete his ensemble mark him out as a free thinker. 

On our morning walk the PON's are surprised to find an orange tractor parked by the Very Old Farmers vineyard. Bob methodically christens each of its tyres . The tyres are rechristened when we pass by again on our way home. Bob returns with a look of quiet satisfaction on his face. A surefire way of de-threating any situation. 

The cheese lady is away. No worries. Her son gives each of the PONs a sliver of Salers. This is gratefully received. Bob is in no rush to leave . He is once again 'encouraged' out of the shop. Sophie's lustrous nose continues to amaze.

A typical start to the week in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Well done Bob for neutralising the orange tractor threat. That sliver of Salers was well deserved.

  2. That's the way to start a stress.

  3. Cheese are always a good way to start da week.

  4. Merlin would regard that shop as paradise on earth. I would require a large crow-bar.

    Sophie's nose is splendid indeed.


  5. Job well done Bob !
    Phew, that was a relief, the cheeselady's son being as generous as his Mum

  6. An excellent start to the week, for which I thank the humans of the ROF as well as the PONs. Life has been rather fraught the last few weeks, but being able to spend a few minutes in the calm of France profonde each day has made a huge difference.

  7. Every tire must be christened.
    It's the rule.