Friday, November 7, 2014

Biscuits = like.

The electrician, the plumber and the chimney sweep arrive . Bob likes the electricians ( biscuits ), is willing to accept the plumber ( interesting smells ) but barks at the chimney sweep. Sophie assumes that they are all adoring fans . 

The cafe under the arcades is open again after the half term holidays. Illicit half croissant service restored. The waitress gets a lick from Bob. From the balcony above the opticians a large white dog greets the PONs with a spirited hello. The PONs reply. A handful of millefeuille crumbs at the bakers completes their morning . 

The electrician and the chimney sweep did what they were supposed to. The plumbers disappear without doing anything. '' Just going to get a spare part Guv'nor ". If they and the spare part reappear the central heating will be switched on tomorrow. 


  1. Does Sophie assume Caroline the grumpy cleaner is also an adoring fan?
    (Bertie doesn't assume, he KNOWS that anyone who comes to the house is an adoring fan….)
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. I know that Leah would consider anyone a friend if they were to offer her some of those cakes, but then, so would I !

  3. I guess the half term holiday is over for everyone but the plumber since he's disappeared.