Monday, November 24, 2014

Multiple sounds.

Outside the church the the mayor can be seen operating a large green caterpillar tractor with an extendable arm. On the other end of the extendable arm is the man in the yellow day-glo jacket. He's being lifted onto the roof by the belfry. Angus decides to keep well away. Come five it's clear that this attempt to deal with the errant church bells has failed. They're still ringing merrily away . 

A change in the weather. A strong wind blows up. Branches litter the lawn. Bob and Sophie spend their evening savaging twigs. This is something they are happy to do for hours on end. PON's it must be said are not a quiet breed. This is particularly true of Sophie. She can simultaneously yelp, growl and squeal while twig savaging. 

And here's a Finnish Golden Retriever in an obedience competition. Guess he doesn't win.


  1. We think the Golden Retriever should have won paws down.
    Cheers! Bertie and Gail.

  2. Hi Angus, it's time you went over to the church and locate the plug for the electronic bell system.
    Bob and Sophie are enjoying their "gardening" work even in strong gales.....they're such a cute pair.
    The Golden Retriever won hands down in my book, after all food comes first and I'm sure Sophie will agree.

  3. How do you think the PONs would be at the obedience test ?
    (I'm only asking as I know Leah would be rubbish !)

  4. A few friends that also have Goldens posted the video on facebook last week, and we all loved it because we could see our dogs doing the same thing, so much for listening!

    Are you getting any sleep with the bells continuing to chime?

  5. Cheers fot the Glden Retriever who knows what's important in life and has huis priorities straight!

  6. Enough is enough. Disconnect the bell system from the power source, remove the fuse, disconnect a wire. Surely the mayor will agree to help you.