Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who's calling ?

A table outside the bakers with what appears to be a cake on it. Closer inspection shows that it's a very fancy loaf. '' I made a batch. They're €8.50. That's the last of them " says the baker. Why he's chosen today of all days to add fancy loaves to his repertoire goes unexplained. We settle for our usual croissants and baguette.

The plumbers arrive. They'd promised to come in the afternoon. They show up in the morning while we're out. Caroline, the unhappy cleaning lady, wears headphones while hoovering. The plumbers call us to say they can't get in. Caroline has bolted all the doors and is oblivious to their knocking and shouting. We try calling her on the land line and her mobile. No response. The plumbers leave.

The plumbers return in the afternoon. Seems the electricians disconnected the sensor that tells the radiators how cold it is. This is why they don't work. I ask the head plumber if he can reconnect it. '' I'm not an electrician "  the all too predictable reply. 

The fancy lighting company in Paris refuse to answer e-mails. When I call them the line mysteriously goes dead. This is the 'ignore the client' model of after sales service.

Bob and Sophie dig.


  1. Well the loaf does look a bit fancy, but no more so than a croissant, which I assume (hope) costs << 8.50 Euros?

  2. Stuart's favourite bread from the lady in the market is called 'Siegle'. It's €10 for a large one and a good replacement hurley (I think that's the term!).
    I hope you don't have to wait too long for the electrician. I imagine it will take a while to warm the bones of the ROF if our old place is anything to go by.
    I called the Orange Britline once for some help. I am convinced to this day that I could hear snoring at the end of the line.

  3. That looks a bit like a Harvest Festival loaf.

    Sounds like tradesman finger pointing happening there.

  4. Sheesh! Good help is hard to find -- all around!

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  6. Oh dear, I do hope you get a hold of the electricians soon...what after sales service?
    Or maybe you should pull a trick like I did when I was trying to reach a plumber, he would not answer his mobile when he saw my number so I used my friend's mobile instead....he answered on the second ring....it took a few days for him to show up to finish the job but he came by in the end.
    As for Caroline....I am speechless.