Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The albino camel.

'Epigrames' of lamb busy cooking away at the traiteur on the marketplace. What a lovely word. Bob and Sophie display a keen interest. They have to settle for a shared half croissant.

Workmen arrive to repair the church bells. A dead pigeon has fallen into the pulley mechanism rendering them mute. Specialists have come from Maine et Loire to install an electronic system. They will repair the clock in the steeple while they're at it. Angus is asked by the mayor to open up the church and explain to the workmen where the power switches are. It soon becomes clear that knowledge of the vocabulary of bell mechanisms might have been useful.

The church proves to be a cheery, if chilly,place to spend a morning. While the workmen ferret away in the belfry Angus explores. The freshly painted plaster statues have all been put back on the walls. He can't help but note that the sheep behind Sainte Germaine looks more like an albino camel. It seems to be staring rather menacingly at the Saints big toe.  

The clock and the bells should be ready for todays Armistice ceremony. Bob's skin irritation is disappearing. 


  1. I'm imagining the saint's sheep is pleading not to be turned into epigrames...

  2. Definitely of the camel/alpaca/llama tendency, in my opinion! I love how we can add our 21st century interpretation to such items. In one local church there is a stained glass window of St Roch, with his faithful dog who provides him with holy jammy dodgers, while the saint shows off his startlingly blue knickers. I always take our friends to see it! (well, who wouldn't?!)

  3. PS the church does, indeed, look beautiful

  4. Your local church is beautiful in it's simplicity. Is there a history to explain why it is so large for a village church ?

    1. The village used to be four times as populous as it is today but the First World War either killed or maimed the majority of the young men. After that there weren't enough hands left to till the fields and the population gradually fell to its present level of 67.

  5. Such a pretty church!

    Oh my goodness, that is surely a small, woolly camel, not a sheep at all?

    The bell situation reminds me of the time i gave birth in an Italian hospital. I mean i did ok in everyday conversation, at the market and such . ? ?i will nevee forget what springere means that is for sure.

  6. I'm glad that you had the opportunity to explore the inside of the church at leisure and take such lovely photos.
    The roasted fingerling potatoes took my breath away...now I'm hungry.