Saturday, November 22, 2014

Maybe next week ?

Up here on the ridge the skies are blue and it's sunny and warm. A balmy 70 degrees. Maybe opening a Haagen-Dazs store in November isn't so daft after all.

We stop off for our copy of Le Figaro. The newsagent has a new selection of postcards. The one of the leisure centre is particularly attractive.

Loic the gardener blows leaves. The PON duo leap in and out of the piles, heads buried deep, rumps in the air, tails waving. They manage to spend three hours at this before coming indoors and falling into a deep sleep. In the evening we play touch rugby. This works well until Sophie disappears with the ball. This marks the end of the game.

No sign of the electricians.  Maybe next week ? 


  1. Angus and 'the font' may be needing to join in the games of leaf leaping and touch rugby to stay warm until the electricians turn up (unless the 70 degree weather lasts).

  2. It is starting to feel chilly waiting for the train in the morning but I'm not complaining as I'm sure its colder for Bertie!

  3. Because it's the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US next week, I have my doubts you'll see the electrician. ;-)

  4. Maybe you should get a few of those electric portable heaters before there's a run on them. Your electricians probably aren't the only ones who have gone missing.
    Lovely weather for PON's.