Saturday, November 1, 2014

Green fingers.

Goats cheese, cow cheese or sheeps cheese ? We settle on goats cheese. Bob and Sophie are given a tiny sliver of Nico Line. They approve . Bob tries to kiss the cheese lady. He is 'encouraged' out of the shop. 

The cafe is still closed. We sit on a bench outside the town hall and read the  local paper. Today it leads with a human interest story about a local man who has a way with pumpkins. Six of them will be exhibited at the All Souls Day chrysanthemum sale in the market square. I'm sure the same story appears every year.

Sophie is in one of her boisterous moods. She's groomed then she savages an old shirt. In the evening there's rug surfing along the upstairs corridor. Before going to bed she finds a hedgehog in the orchard. She throws back her head and announces this discovery to the world. Bloggers in Japan and America may well have heard her.  She is 'encouraged' indoors. 


  1. I was thinking Sophie was looking particularly curvaceous today. But of course it's just post-grooming fluff. Isn't it Soph?
    Toodle pip!

  2. Sophie continues to eat for France .... and Poland. Cut back on kibbles and treats and she finds something else to eat !

  3. I think I could kiss the cheese lady for some of those lovely cheeses (but of course I would be 'encouraged' out of the door as well !)

  4. Last evening I did hear the joyous and celebratory barking of a dog far off in the distance -- Todd answered of course, and was also "encouraged" indoors.