Wednesday, April 13, 2016

High village drama.

Bob digs. The mud on the nose gives it away.

Sophie sits on the recently planted rosemary. Rosemary is tough .... but not that tough.

By mid-morning The Rickety Old Farmhouse once again has a forward line of defence in the shape of a male PON.

The warm sunshine means that the forward line of defence sometimes closes his eyes ... just for a moment. The sounds of snoring should not be interpreted as a lack of vigilance.

There is something elementally right about a Rickety Old Farmhouse and two very happy sheepdogs. 

In our absence an Asiatic Hornets nest has been spotted high up in a tree alongside the old Roman fort. The mayor tells me that there are 60 pregnant female Hornets on the loose. Angus isn't sure that Hornets get pregnant. Nor is he sure that they will be flying around this early in the year. He thinks of pointing this out but doesn't. Why let facts get in the way of a good village crisis ? The police and fire brigade have been called. This latest development should rival the ( still ) swaying Jesus in terms of high village drama.


  1. Yet more excitement ! Your trip to the States must have seemed very tame in comparison.
    Bob, digging, muddy nose, an occasional nap - all is right in the world again !

  2. Glad to see the PONs have quickly settled back in to their routines

  3. High drama keeps the blood flowing, Angus!
    Glad to see everything is back to normal once again. ( and Bob back on duty )

  4. So happy things are back to normal! Bet you missed all this "high drama".

  5. You have recently survived a five hour lay over in California and missed connection in London. Now that is suppressed high drama! These Asian Hornets will just have to wait !!! Bob is on guard duty, and Sophie is preparing to fragrance your home. Life is good!

  6. I am having laugh-out-loud visions of rather bulbous insects staggering through the air of France Profunde. It's a good thing that Bob is back home to protect you.
    But how does the mayor know that it is exactly 60 hornets on the loose?

  7. All wonderful pictures, but very especially the last one of Bob on guard duty.

  8. Welcome back! The day doesn't start off right if I can't check my favourite blog.

  9. I agree with selena gaden!!!! I really missed the PONs posts while you were away!! Where in the US were you? I musta missed that post -- bol

  10. Love Sophie's big smile. And Bob's just being very thorough with his post vacation inspection.
    They must be over the moon to be home with you.
    If there is to be high drama, we prefer it village style.