Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday morning ramblings.

Seen in Warwicks book shop in La Jolla. A John Muir book I'd never heard of.

This fellow in Laguna Beach was just about as handsome as they come..... and knew it.

After the disaster with the enormous slab sided Chevrolet Yukon rental car on our trip to Charleston, Angus asked for a small 4 door sedan. This is what he got.

First prize in the airline lounge hall of infamy goes to these chairs in San Francisco. Impossible to sit on for more than five seconds without falling off.


  1. What a beautifully groomed dog...not as handsome as Bob and Sophie of course.

    1. Oh to have a dog that grooms easily .... and well !

  2. He is indeed a most handsome fellow.

  3. Handsome he may be but I bet he'd roll on a dead seagull given half a chance.

  4. Those airport chairs are for the athletic types surely....did you end up sitting on the floor?

  5. La Jolla. Laguna and San Francisco...sounds like you covered all the bases. And in a cool car too.
    Hard o find a better bookstore than Warwick's. Are the seals down by The Cove still causing havoc?
    I gather the smell is overwhelming...even affecting property values in the area.

  6. Those are exercise chairs. You slide out, pick yourself up and sit down again, slide out again. It keeps you in shape for overseas flights. How was the food?

  7. "Stickeen" has long been one of our favorite John Muir books. A beautifully written story of his time with a dog of marvelous and rare spirit.

  8. Wait, what? "the disaster with the enormous slab sided Chevrolet Yukon rental car on our trip to Charleston"
    Not this trip, surely? Although I agree on your description of those behemoths.
    Lovely dog.

  9. Of course I like everything but the chairs, that probably made airline seats seem comfortable!

  10. Those airport chairs look like Zippy from Rainbow

  11. Hi, thought you might be interested in the Project Gutenberg website...
    Books: john muir (sorted by popularity
    I really enjoy your blog posts; a little peep at France and your dogs are darling.
    Thank you for sharing!
    from Pickles :)