Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Joy overload mode.

While we've been away the grass has grown and the peonies have come out into full bloom. In fact we've been away so long they're just starting to pass their prime.

Bob is in fine form. He spends his day in what might poetically be described as joy overload mode. He runs, he dances, he shows his overbite. At the kennels he was so excited to see us he jumped up and biffed me on the nose hard enough to cause a nose bleed. This made our departure from the kennels even more theatrical than usual.

Sophie usually gives us the cold shoulder after a trip to the kennels. This time the delight at seeing us has made her forget to sulk.

Both dogs have gloriously silky coats. We take this as a good sign.

Tomorrow, if it's dry, they will get a bath, a trim and a grooming.

Whoever knew that American English does not differentiate between curb and kerb ? You can never get too old to learn something new.


  1. Joy overload for us too, now that you're all safely back !

  2. Sophie's tongue looks in good shape too.
    Having lived two years in the States, I too missed the kerb/curb thing.

  3. Pack Reunited = The best day....ever!
    Good to see y'all back at the ranch (said with a slight American twang) :-)

  4. Joy overload indeed, great to hear the pack's all together again

  5. Welcome back! I hope your trip was enjoyable with many new and good memories made! Except for that nose-bleed, I'm glad all is well at the ROFH.

  6. i really look forward to your blog. It's simplicity is refreshing, and I've grown very fond of Bob and Sophie. If my husband and I go away for even a day , my horse gives me the cold shoulder,, until I offer a cookie.

  7. Glad you are back! You and your fur babies were missed.
    Hope you had a wonderful trip.

  8. Such happiness this morning, to see Bob and Sophie's sweet faces! Yay !!!

  9. OK. I had to look up "kerb." Even my American computer wants to change the spelling! SO glad you've returned safely!

  10. Welcome home. Glad you had a good trip and that all is well at the ROF.
    Can you feel the rising breeze? That's caused by all the tail-wagging of happy readers.

  11. Good to see our Bob and Sophie again! Quite the welcome back for you. Simply couldn't make this stuff up. We don't think you've ever had an ordinary day.

  12. We received the same sort of welcome at our return.
    Makes coming home as much fun as leaving. Almost.