Friday, April 29, 2016


Bob fixes me with his 'what are we going to do today ? ' face.

Sophie emerges a little later to let me know that the yogurt pots ( hers and her brothers ) have not refilled themselves. I get a ' What are you going to do about it ? ' look.

Such different personalities.

After checking the garden for intruders ....

..... the PONs settle down. This period of calm lasts until it's time for their morning walk. Pandemonium ensues. Bob and Sophie view the morning walk as an occasion to run through their repertoire of peculiar noises.

Down in the valley a farmer is spraying his crop. So much for the belief that this as a 'bio' farming area.

By the time we return from the supermarket the Grande Dame has surfaced. She has already spoken to the mayor , who has stopped by to bid her welcome. Culture is treated very seriously in France. She is now having a conversation with the Algerian courier. She seems oblivious to the deafening Arab house music ( with the bass turned up ) emanating from the cab of his white van. The courier driver is stunned into silence by being greeted with an enthusiastic ' Un colis. Magnifique. Magnifique. Vraiment magnifique '. He spins his wheels in a hurry to escape. 

A PON owner must have written this. Rather more accurate than 'they make ideal pets for apartment owners' analysis

This Trump article by Peggy Noonan in todays Journal makes interesting reading :


  1. I like the nicely understated: "The shaggy Polish Lowland Sheepdog is not for the immaculate household".

    1. Now you know why the hunt is on for another cleaning lady !

  2. Well, few dog owners expect a quiet life - if it's quiet you wonder what the little darlings are up to ! Dogs and immaculate households just don't seem to go together somehow !

  3. You capture so much in a few sentences. I can just picture the delivery scene.

  4. Seems the Journal want me to part with my money before they will allow me to read the article !

  5. What a colorful array of vegetables. The PONs have such cheering faces and always appear so sturdy. The picture of the spring fields is lovely, despite the most unfortunate chemical spraying.

  6. Interesting article - I always enjoy reading about your favorite breed! I also thought that the PON in the photo reminded me a bit of Wilf! I also agree with what the site says about Scotties, that "no breed has higher self-esteem or a stronger will." A Scottie owner must have written that too!

    As far as the other article -- I can kind of understand why an angry Republican base is voting for Trump. But do they really think he's suddenly concerned and understands about Middle America?

  7. Goodness! I absolutely love when we can see their eyes. Bob has such a soulful , sincere gaze. I wish we could see Sophie's.
    Again, Trump worries me.