Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sun, moon and stars.

Sophie rushes out into the courtyard , throws her head back and announces that it's time to get the day started. I tell her to be quiet but she stares back at me with a look that says ' I'm full of energy, there are blackbirds to chase, we'll soon be going to the bakers and you expect me to be quiet ? '. Angus hopes the villagers share Sophie's enthusiasm for the new day. When you have dogs there is no such thing as just another day. There is only boundless adventure.

Bob and his master set off for a long walk along the lane and down the hill.

At the field by the crossroads the pregnant cows are coming to term. As we pass, one hour old calf, unsteady on his feet, is being carefully cleaned by the proud new mother. Yesterday there were three new arrivals. This morning a total of seven. This is nature at its most hopeful. Two of the cows, clearly exhausted, are lying on their sides asleep. The others maintain a watchful eye as we pass.

In the supermarket foyer we pass this deeply unhappy little fellow. He sits waiting, trembling all over, for his mistress.
If dogs could only talk he'd be reciting the lines

" yours is the light by which my spirit's born
yours is the darkness of my soul's return
- you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars "

The dog folk amongst the shoppers stop and talk to him. There is however no substitute for his family.

This wonderful ornament makes an appearance in the supermarket garden products aisle. The French love for gnomes is alive and well.

The things you see when you travel with dogs on a Tuesday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Is it only PONs who know how to greet the morning? Sophie has the right idea - it looks such a beautiful day to share with her fellow man (or dog)!

  2. Good lessons for us all--greet the day with joy.
    The garden gnome reminds me of the "Amelie" movie....this one is a bit classier in monochrome gray.

  3. Oh that poor little fellow. And he looks like a relative too. One more post seeing him stuck outside the supermarket, and I think Gail will be coming over to kidnap him and bring him back to Scotland to live with us. (And how I would love a wee brother).
    Toodle pip!

    1. Unless he would like warmer climes and me for a Bro... (JH)

  4. I hope the owner soon turned up for the poor chap....at least you stopped and had a chat with him.
    Brownie still trembles when I take him in the jeep and also in unfamiliar settings but he's good again as soon as he returns home.
    I have no words for the garden gnome...none.

  5. Gnome / sorcerer. Merlin the gnome.
    I would have loved to see the little fellows reaction upon the return of his human.

  6. That poor little dog in the market. He looks so completely miserable.
    It's a lovely day here, too, although no PONs, just birdsong.

  7. I get sad when I see a shivery dog - I think that they are so scared that is why they are shivering. Our Tucker (the last of the Tor, Willow and Tucker bunch) shivers every time he gets a hair cut. So I bought him a child's size T shirt. He wears it with pride. The gnome looks interesting....

  8. What a lovely picture of spring with Bob looking down the lane. I would also be willing to adopt the little fellow at the supermarket.

  9. I thik Bertie is right. The poor fellow looks to be a sad relative. A little chunky and in need of a pal like moi, JH.

  10. And thank you for the beautiful e. e. cummings quote.