Sunday, April 24, 2016

We are ignored.

Another wet and blustery start to the day.

Not that it's a day without excitement.

The mayor shows up at the front gate to borrow a ladder. He's putting out the flags again. Something to do with the Algerian war.

No sooner has he returned the ladder and gone home than a 1960's car club detours through the village to see the miraculous 'talking statue'.

They park in a higgledy piggledy manner and then walk up to the churchyard. The lead driver, a man in a shiny blue track suit,  takes it upon himself to 'bless' the cars. Angus can't help but think this is ever so slightly sacrilegious.

On their return a 1960 Panhard- Levassor ( it's in concourse condition the owner tells me ) refuses to start. It is pushed onto the grass by the war memorial. Everyone scratches their heads. Angus thinks of saying something helpful, but doesn't.

Bob and his master watch the proceedings unfold with great interest. We are ignored.

This is an interesting article :


  1. Just as well they ignored you both Angus - they might have asked you to push ! Didn't Sophie get in there to sort them out?

  2. Does 'concourse condition' include a wet streak on the tyre?

  3. Those car club types know how to have fun. Not sure about the driving part, though.

  4. Maybe a few prayers to the Swaying Jesus of (insert village name here) will help revive the car's stalled engine.
    Entertainment for PON's at the very least.

  5. I really enjoy reading the links you often post. This one was very fascinating.