Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Neither asked for nor received.

This morning the PONs find a hedgehog in the garden. The hedgehog is either early in rising or late in retiring. Sophie howls. Bob tries to pick it up in his jaws.

Angus puts on a pair of thick gardening gloves, picks up the hedgehog, places him in a brown cardboard box , carries the box into the wheat field and lets him go. From the other side of the fence Bob follows my actions in stoic silence. Sophie lets the village know what's happening.

Finally ( oh how easily that word is written ) the PONs are loaded in the back of the car.

Bob sits on the right which enables Sophie to take her rightful position on the left.

This morning we head off to the strawberry farm. Bob and Sophie like going to the strawberry farm. It's not that they like strawberries but the farmer always takes the time to talk to them.

We pay for four punnets. We get given a fifth of 'ugly' berries. " Can't sell them looking like that but they taste the best " I'm told.

The Belgian lady is having a breeze block wall built along the lane facing the horse farm. The latest escalation in the long simmering feud between neighbours. Two men are busy with a cement mixer laying foundations. I'm quite sure she hasn't asked for, or received, planning permission.


  1. It's good that Bob knows his rightful place, too. Those strawberries look absolutely delicious, and it's so true isn't it, that the uglier the fruit or veg, the better it tastes !
    Do we sense trouble ahead for the Belgian lady and her breeze block wall?

  2. The strawberries look lovely as does the wisteria.

  3. The "ugly" fruit do taste better....enjoy.

  4. Up early here to watch the primary returns and catching up on your blog. Ugly or not the strawberries (and the fraisier) are enviable! Our time for getting good berries of any kind will be soon -- I hope!

    Enjoy your day - I'm getting together with "Scotsmad/Downunder Daisy" for coffee. Small world, her family lives just minutes from me.

  5. One of our local grocery stores has starting selling "less than appealing to look at" fruit. Cheaper and it tastes the same, if not better. I am all for that!

  6. I love the photo of the pons with their crown of Wisteria. It is a beauty.

  7. Love the hedgehog relocating...we've had our fair share here too. Kitty 'alerts' us to any spikey visitor and its out with the gardening gloves and bucket and a short walk up the lane. Although I must say - Kitty's never very impressed losing her playmate...fleas n' all :-)

  8. Oh dear. We hadn't heard about the Belgian lady/horse farm dispute for a while. I guess it was wrong to assume that no news is good news...

  9. You have a good heart. We like that, Angus.
    Bob and Sophie look so adorable sitting beneath the wisteria. A variety of wisteria considered to be a nuisance has overgrown my residence, trees and shrubs. Horrible.
    I'll be more than happy to enjoy the unattractive fruit. We're the berries as good as they look?

  10. Love the way bob is slightly leaning towards sophie in the last photo of them. He looks so protective and loving.