Friday, April 22, 2016


In the garden store the unusual sight of  dog being wheeled around the aisles on a trolley. The dog seems very content. 

It rains heavily. The PONs see this as the perfect reason to spend the day in the garden. Physics lesson #1 : A PON can absorb its own body weight in water. 

The floor of the hallway disappears under a mass of water absorbing towels and blankets. The angelic duo are 'invited' into the kitchen.

Bob follows the preparation of chicken curry with great interest. His sister is toweled dry and finally loses the water logged look.

The Old Farmer Returns from his trip to Avignon. He brings us a kilo of tripe. 'The Font' expresses what ( to the uninitiated ) might pass for delight. 

And I hope I'm still speaking French this well if I make it to 90 :


  1. There was (or perhaps still is) a tinned dog food called Butcher's Tripe, which our dogs loved, but it smelled absolutely revolting. If your gift hasn't already been disposed of, I'm sure 'The Font' can cook it for Bob and Sophie. A few pieces chopped up and added to their kibble might be right up there with sausages, and coconut ice cream ! I'm sure the PONs won't view this delicacy in quite the same way we do !

  2. Well the Font may not have been delighted with the tripe gift, but I'm sure Bob and Sophie would be. Bertie occasionally gets a spoonful or two of delicious and fragrant Butcher's Tripe added to his kibble. I'm sure Avignon tripe is even better.
    Having spent much of the last week trying to get a tender document translated into French (part of a bid for an Algerian contract) I now realise we should have asked a certain rather magnificent 90 year old. After all, I'm sure she'd love an excuse for an impromptu visit to Balmoral, just up the road!

  3. Re your law of physics: that water is absorbed only on the exterior! Even more amazing!
    When I think of tripe I think of menudo, the Mexican soup, very delicious. Unfortunately, no Mexican restos in my corner of France.

  4. Glad the Old Farmer is safely back from his Avignon adventure. And how very kind of him to bring you a gift. I think Coppa's girl has the right idea about it.

  5. I wouldn't even be able to feign anything close to delight for even the most uninitiated, so the font did well.

    Sophie is looking especially pretty.