Monday, April 18, 2016

No visitors.

A quiet day at home. In between thunderstorms we cut the grass and do battle with the rampant daisies.

What for us is a quiet day is for the PONs a day made in heaven.

No visitors. A chance to chase the lawn tractor. Their owners undivided attention. Tickles. Throw the Furry Fox. Chicken and rice with gravy. Mischief. More tickles. Bob discovers if you leap on the peonies the petals come off.

Some days are just the best days ever.


  1. Bob's tongue sums it up perfectly.

  2. Life can't get any better, unless there are sausages about !

  3. The thunderstorms were incredible! We went to a local fair--not that local because it was an hour's drive--and coming back it was as if a giant hose were spraying the car. And hail. A deluge.

  4. We drove through some of that weather on the A75. Makes for interesting driving conditions on that road!
    Undivided attention: PON heaven!

  5. If the little daisies are the same bellis perennis that we have, they have gained the victory in our yard. They are often called lawn daisies for a good reason. I sometimes see them sold in garden nurseries. Beware, unsuspecting gardeners. Lovely pictures today.

  6. Bob cuts a fine and dignified figure gracing the enfleurage