Saturday, February 25, 2017

A doorstep discovery.

While we're out buying croissants Loic the gardener tidies up the garden. A favourite toy is found in the lavender border and placed where it can be easily found. The PONs return home and are overjoyed with this doorstep discovery.

Bob watches Loic blow leaves into piles. The family fellow then sets about 'unpiling' them. Loic is oblivious to the mayhem behind him.

Sophie engages in some pre-breakfast worm gathering from the disturbed soil around the fallen trees. Angus looks at her muddy muzzle and declines the offer of an affectionate lick. In return he gets an umistakeable '' It's your loss '' look.

Barely seven and our day has started off the PON way -  'enthusiastically' and noisily. How else would you start the best day ever ?


  1. Beautiful photos of the PONs.
    Of course it's your loss, Angus, what could possibly be better than a muddy lick, with the exciting prospect of the occasional worm thrown in?
    Would love to see a video of Bob following Loic round and unpiling those leaves ! What fun!

    1. Nothing like a worm flavoured lick first thing in th morning. For some reason videos don't seem to download on Chrome - has anyone else had the same problem ?

  2. How lovely to find a "new" toy to play with...the old earthy scent and dried slobber must be absolutely glorious....surely the best day ever.
    Brownie found a dead pigeon in the garden the other day and after getting it away from him he too wanted to give me passionate way!!!

  3. I am imagining the rediscovered favourite toy is now fragrant with the scent of lavender?

  4. You have the best gardener! Ear scratches to the PONs.

  5. Unexpected reunions, unpiled leaves and worms! And the day only just begun.

  6. Spring is the time the little woodland animals reappear--seems to be the same for stuffies.

  7. How much fun is that? To arrive home and find a favorite friend, you haven't seen in a while, waiting for you at the front door!