Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tarry there.

Bobs synchronized blinking has an uplifting effect on dog and owners.  Bob has returned to looking happy .

Borderline hot today. 16 degrees. Scottish summer weather. It won't last. There's a deep depression in the Bay of Biscay that's due to bring rain and high winds. We enjoy the balmy conditions while we can.

Sophie does a full perambulation of the village - clockwise and then counter clockwise. I attach a short lead to her harness in case she decides to chase a cat but she seems happy to trot along beside me. How long this good behaviour will last is any ones guess. Later today a man will come to quote on covering the old elm staircase with sisal . Highly polished elm and titanium strengthened legs are a slippery and unwise combination.

All the parking spaces in town are taken. We have to go into the multi-storey. Bob finds the stairwell in the multi-storey car park to be a place of great olfactory interest. His human companion thinks it's more like a health hazard. The family fellow is hurried up and down. He makes it plain he would prefer to tarry.

A tee shirt that seems to sum up the sentiment of the day. In my experience it's impossible to have a 'hostile' conversation with an Aussie. This morning I learn otherwise.

Those of you who follow French political scandals might find this Tweet to be wryly humourous :


  1. It never occurred to me that you might have a multi-storey car park! The picture of Bob at the top is great - he really does look like himself again.

  2. We knew - we knew that all would be well with Bob once his little sister was back on her feet and looking for mischief. So relieved that all is as it should be.
    One of our long-ago dogs would have to be dragged forcibly down steps in any multi-storey car park - it must be the concrete - retaining the revolting "odours" in pristine condition !

  3. Who knew that dogs could be psychosomatic?

    My French teacher taught me, last night"le filon de Fillon"

  4. I, too, am impressed by a multistorey carpark. The nearest one to us is in Toulouse, an hour away.
    The reasons for the proliferation of odors, however, makes me wonder about humans.

  5. The picture of Bob made my day; he looks Wonderfully Happy!!
    Enjoy the good weather, it's cold and gray in Ohio.

    1. I agree. It cheers my heart to see Bob looking so chipper. And Miss Sophie.

  6. The exhortation on that shirt would be such a luxury.

  7. So happy about Bob, he does indeed look happy!

  8. Yay for synchronized eye lids and well behaved walks around the village. All is well.

  9. Answered prayers! They're both healing from Sophie's ordeal. Never thought synchronization could bring such joy.