Monday, February 13, 2017

Wind, wind and more wind.

A once a decade storm. 105 km/h winds. Trees sway, shutters slam, doors creak. The PONs think it's great fun. Falling branches pull down power and phone lines. Sometimes we have light, sometimes we have phone, sometimes we have both and sometimes we have neither.

Nothing like the sheltered wooden grooming table on a morning when the elements are howling round you. Bob springs up, Sophie is lifted up.  We're at the ' Why can't I do it ? ' stage.

'The Font' heads off to Spain to see an aging relative. One of those drop what you're doing trips.The large group of Spanish teenagers on the aircraft scream in unison and cross themselves every time the plane sways and lurches into the gale. Marbella in February proves to be the centre of the storm and as a result a very wet and windy place. 

Scotland lose to France in the Sunday afternoon rugby match. We catch snippets of it in between power cuts. This morning the PONs get a trip in the the little black Up! with the white roof to the bakers. Sophie lies on the back seat, Bob sits bolt upright. Slivers of croissant are gratefully received. Sophie has not had an illicit croissant sliver in five months. Her joy is audible and visible. For her it's already shaping up to be the best day ever.


  1. A successful trip to the bakers in the Up! Best day ever for sure, irrespective of rugby results.
    Although the 'Font' might disagree...

  2. At last - an illicit sliver of croissant for Sophie - now we know things are definitely back to normal.

  3. What wonderful weather for dogs. The do not need to be in a car with nose out the window to get that rush. I will bet that they enjoyed the illicit croissant sliver.

  4. Is this winter windier than usual? It certainly seems that way. I have an important conference call in several hours, so you can be sure the lights and phone will be out at that moment.
    I know exactly how Sophie feels about a sliver of croissant after months without. Good for her!

  5. It would have been tempting to celebrate the '1st' with a full croissant between the three of you, but I suppose it could have become the norm. and illicit is more fun. The Up! is powered by balloons?

  6. What exciting days for Bob and Sophie! And the first picture of a windblown Bob is wonderful.
    The Spanish teenagers added a touch of high drama to The Font’s flight (and I wonder if the teens didn't enjoy every moment of it).

  7. Wind is about the only weather condition here, that brings out the fear in the dogs. Sophie, life can only look up now....croissant.