Friday, February 17, 2017

A little better.

The swaying Jesus has survived the 100 km/h + winds. It leans a little more but was sheltered from the damaging gusts by the body of the church. The fact it hasn't fallen and killed somebody is, in its own way, a miracle. The trees on the village green weren't so lucky. Municipal workmen are up and about early chopping up the felled giants. This activity gives Bob and Sophie something to watch. Bob sits on his stump seat and guards in stern silence. Sophie stands on her hind legs and peers through the gate to see what's going on. I try to dissuade her from doing this ( it can't be good for those metal inserts ) but the more she's dissuaded the more she does it. In the afternoon a man in a white van comes to repair the church clock. The PONs also find his arrival interesting.

Bob has unearthed an old Panda under the recently trimmed hedge. He and Panda have become inseparable.

Bob is looking very svelte. Sophie isn't.

'The Font' returns mid afternoon. Bob is overjoyed. He has one of his 'soft shoe shuffle' moments. An emotional reunion follows. Sophie wants to know what might be edible in the suitcase. The PONs are delighted the standard of cuisine  will be restored.

The Belgian lady informs us that The Old Farmer is a little better. His temperature is slowly coming down and the infection seems to be under control. The Belgian lady is worried that his cats have been getting into the garage and doing unmentionable things on the back seat of the venerable silver Mercedes. The cats very sensibly find the back seat of the Mercedes to be an enticingly warm and untroubled spot.


  1. Great to hear about the Old Farmer. Fingers crossed for speedy recovery and rehabilitation. Thankfully it would seem that normal meal services are to be restored at ROFH. Gosh the dynamic duo look like they are enjoying themselves. One would suspect that every day is a good day in the life of a dog at ROFH.

  2. So pleased the Old Farmer is improving. No doubt the BB book is helping raise his spirits. And to hear that Bobhas been performing his soft shoe shuffle is a delightful start to the day. I'm wondering, is his eye fully mobile again?

  3. It's amazing what treasures are unearthed when the hedge is trimmed. Sophie may not look svelte, but her nose ids beautifully shiny. The aftermath of the storm seems to have provided the PONs with endless entertainment, if not their humans.
    Pleased to hear that the Old Farmer seems to be recovering, but I hope the Belgian lady doesn't tell him about the cats and his beloved Mercedes...

  4. A second stump seat might be a good idea.
    Excellent news about the old farmer. He's in our prayers.

  5. Kari is right, and there seems to be a surplus of stumps at the moment.
    Send our bisous to the Old Farmer.

  6. Glad to hear about the Old Farmer. That picture you posted of Jesus looks like he is going to tumble at any minute!!

  7. The Font back home, Bob and Panda reunited, and the church clock keeping good time again. Along with the Old Farmer showing improvement, a cause for celebration.
    Need I remind you that no lady wishes to be reminded that she has put on a little extra weight?
    Perhaps Sophie has merely been photographed from an unflattering angle. (I’ve used this line of reasoning on occasion.)

  8. The flock reunited! Cause for celebration.