Monday, February 6, 2017


Overnight 80 mph winds and driving rain. A couple of the recently planted cypressi along the driveway ripped out of the ground. Sophie makes an executive decision and opts to spend her morning in the kitchen .

Bob and Angus go to the greengrocers. We buy fresh peas ...

... and some Italian Bergamot to make marmalade. 

An altogether more difficult decision at the bakers. Red Fruit Mousse cake or ...

... a rather brightly coloured Lime Mousse alternative. Being innately conservative we opt for the Chocolate Royale. Bob is provided with a bowl of water and a whole wheat biscuit. He'd like something more exciting like a croissant but carefully devours the biscuit. PONs take their pleasures as they find them.

Later Bob and his master wander up to the old Jewish lady's house to make sure there's been no wind damage. She was due back from Paris on Friday but the bad weather has delayed her travel plans.

Monday morning in a wet and windy France profonde. A day spent on the phone to the insurance company lies ahead.


  1. Sophie, that's a sensible decision - a girl can only have so many bad hair days !
    It seems that we, down here in Spain, are getting the tail end of your weather. High winds and torrential rain yesterday, and so far a clear sky, but high winds again this morning.
    Fresh peas ! Something we rarely see here, or my favourite sugar snap peas.
    Water and a whole wheat biscuit - good boy Bob - never look a gift horse in the mouth !

  2. Having to deal with the insurance company you may need both the Lime Mousse and the Chocolate Royale. I'll hope its all gone well.

  3. A wholewheat biscuit? Bob, I think you need to take this baker in hand and let it be known that you expect, and deserve, something a whole lot more special. A sliver of croissant at the very least. Don't undersell yourself, my friend, demand the best! Kick up a scene if necessary. Maybe think: "What would Sophie do?"
    Toodle pip!

    1. “What would Sophie do?” may be a philosophy I need to apply more in my own life. Good advice, Bertie.

    2. Thinking the same thing. WWSD seems like a good bit of life guidance.

  4. The howling wind kept me up all night. I am glad our roof tiles are attached by concrete.
    Just looking at that patisserie made me gain a kilo. I don't know how you do it.

  5. 80 mph? It makes our recent 40 – 50 mph winds on the coast of Northern California seem like a mild breeze.
    I would find it hard not to opt for the Chocolate Royale.

  6. A day on the phone, better just put the cake next to you...

  7. Oh my gosh the cakes are amazing - what a choice. You seem to live in a windy spot like us.