Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday in a French village.

At first light the two horrid tykes start practising the 'C' scale on their trombones. They haven't mastered it yet.

There are pigeons nesting in the holm oak by the front door. Sophie finds their presence to be an affront to her role as household guardian. The pigeons are not as much of an affront to her dignity as the wrens that nest in the wisteria. She stands and glares at them. Her glare time is divided roughly 30% pigeons, 70% wrens.

Bob, who has been up late celebrating Scotlands win in the rugby, goes for a lengthy power walk round the lake with 'The Font'. Sophie prepares for a sniff every shrub and drink from every puddle tour of the village with her master.

The Old farmer and the mayor are up early.They're standing outside the church laughing. The recently buried villager has had his tomb stone installed. It says Monsieur Duffaut 1900-2017. An improbable age. ' Dying at 117 would have made the national news ' says the mayor jauntily.  We can only assume that when the order was placed the family was asked by the undertakers : " When was the deceased born ?''. They presumably replied along the lines of 'Nineteen hundred and something . I'll get back to you with the exact date'. Nineteen hundred was duly entered on the order for the tombstone and no one ever did ' get back to them' with the correct date - 1922.

The Roman saint is put up on the staircase wall. Something to brighten it up.

Opposite him hangs '' Heroic women of the 6th Guards Tank Army bathing in the waters of Sevastopol : 1944. ". An unlikely pairing but  an interesting one.

Great views of Hong Kong and a jaunty tune  :


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Congrats to Scotland on the Rugby....just the usual recriminations here...

MOPL said...

It could have been worse Australia could have lost to England. I just hope that Bob is rested and ready for a busy week ahead no doubt.

WFT Nobby said...

Whatever did Scotland take before the game yesterday?? Stunning performance!
Love the photo of the dawn light on the ROF.

liparifam said...

In love with the second painitng! Everything there looks wonderful :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Having been the one in my family to make sure dates are correct for the markers for my Mom and Brother, I had to chuckle at the incorrect year - The villager, I suppose is truly immortal!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
that's the joy of art - it can take you all kinds of places in such short spaces.

... great match last night. I think Aussie rugby should stop using 'imports' from other codes. Meanwhile, Scotland FINALLY has a homegrown coach and that too, one of the all time greats. Look out world. YAM xx

Unknown said...

Sophie's warm and welcoming side clearly doesn't extend to members of the bird family. She looks positively indignant in the third picture.