Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Druidic baptism ?

Bob is in get up and go mode.

His sister seems a little subdued ...

.... presumably because she knows her brother is going to come and bestow a kiss on her. For some reason he does this every morning.  Always the same spot on the side of her head, a couple of inches below the eye and a third of the way along her muzzle. Sophie receives the peck on the cheek with long suffering indifference .

Although it's early there is some sort of gathering outside the village hall. A man is holding a baby in a shawl. The others look on adoringly. Perhaps they're all going off to the Holy Well for some sort of Druidic baptism ? I shall ask the mayor the next time I see him.  For whatever reason it is a small miracle to get several dozen French folk up at six thirty on a Sunday morning.

The bakers display does little to excite.

We end up buying two of the small strawberry tarts for lunch.  Bob and Sophie share their masters croissant, drink noisily from a bowl of water and observe a balloon blowing across the bakers patio. So starts the best day ever.

This is very French. Is there something incongruous about playing the harpsichord barefoot ...... in a palace ? :


  1. Be still my heart! ANGUS - in your last to the tray of small Strawberry could you possible resist the CANNELES?
    A specialty from Bordeaux - they have to be eaten to know how sublime they are. A long process to make them, and they bake in special little
    copper metal Cannele Molds which must be brushed inside with pure beeswax before baking the little pastries. Heavenly, to say the least.
    Drooling here........on the Westcoast of Canada. Sigh.

    1. Well spotted. We arrive at the bakers when things are still being set out. A dog owners early rising routine.

  2. Hari OM
    Definitely a strawberry glut at the baker's.
    Could the early baptism have been a prudent timing to avoid heat?
    Les Sauvages would have had bare feet I suppose - though may not have produced such sublime music!
    Enjoy the rest of the best of days!
    YAM xx

    1. It was a baptism breakfast that started at six thirty and finished at three . Most unusual. They don't even dip bairns in holy wells on Uist.

  3. Was the tart good? We hope so.

    LOVING the kiss photo. What a good brother.

    1. Yes. it was. A repeat definitely scheduled on the next bakers trip.

  4. The bare feet seem in step with the hair and beard. That just-out-of-bed look that's on trend.
    Happy to see someone so young loving classical music.

  5. Hope you are feeling bunches better today. I had a Bassett hound that would always kiss the Lab next door good morning. Bob is a sweet boy!

  6. Extremely French artistic combination! And I could have sworn that I remembered the Rameau from The Draughtsman's Contract (which I saw in French as Meurtre dans un Jardin Anglais) but it doesn't seem to have been the case.