Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hot, hot, hot.

With the thermometer set to rise into the high 30's it's a day for getting up early and cramming as much as possible into the cool morning hours. For the PONs there's a chance to run around the garden at high speed before heading off across the sunflower fields to the waterfall.

The village in high holiday mode. Everyone away. The man with anger management issues has gone to Narbonne Plage , the joiner and his wife are at the coast near Perpignan and the ever expanding 'tyke' family have headed off to the cool of the mountains. Angus wonders if the 'tykes' have taken their trombones with them. The matron of the old folks home is still working. She waves as she passes Angus and the two PONS sitting on the storm drain. Today Bob wryly observes that it's been 122 years since an executive branch employee has been impeached for 'treason,bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanours'. Sophie finds some badgers poo which she rolls in.

The bakers have a somewhat humdrum display this morning. We sit out in the shaded patio at the back. A bowl of water is brought for the PONs - which is some sort of progress although they still have to share their masters croissant.

Melons in the greengrocers. We don't buy any. All we have to do is wait for the melon tractor to come along the road. When it gets to the speed bump outside The Rickety Old Farmhouse a few always fall off the back.


  1. How useful to have melon trap right outside the house.

  2. With the heat (and time since the rain) the coming melons will be even more delicious.
    I feel sorry for bakers when it's this hot.

  3. Hari OM
    Not just humdrum - that looks like yesterday's cakes didn't sell. Could be those spooky cherries... (might it be 'white forest cake'?)... YAM xx

    1. In the six am rush I posted the wrong ( yesterdays ) bakers photo. They have moved them around but nothing has sold. Could it be the French don't eat cakes in the heat ?

  4. I love the vision of you racing out to pick up the fallen melons. Fresh melons are great and refreshing in the summer.

    The strawberry tarts still look nice even though they are a day old.

    Keep cool - take a dip in the pool.

  5. For me on some days, a day old cake trumps a fresh melon.

  6. I am on fig watch. The bush in the back yard has almost ripe figs. I am not the only one watching! I will be happy if I get my crop of 5 figs this year.

  7. You know it’s hot when your horse leads you out of her paddock and straight to the wash rack ��