Friday, May 17, 2019

A lady with a mission.

A purposeful start to the day as Sophie heads out of the front door to search for errant C-A-T-S. She is clearly a lady with a mission.

On our early tour of the village we stop by the second of the village ponds ( the one with the large Pike in it ) and stare at frogs. The builder drives by in his Land Rover. He winds down his window and tells me that he's still suffering pain after his hernia operation but is about to start pain management classes. 

Then it's off to the village green to stare at pigeons.

The elections for the European Parliament in two weeks time. Notice boards have been put up for posters. So far there's only one - a poster for a fringe party advocating that France leave the EU. A sovereign people in a free France. The lady's hair style is perhaps the most memorable thing about it.

After breakfast Sophie retires to the lawn and has a quick nap untroubled by her oaf of a brother.

So starts another sunny day in a French village of 67 souls, 2 Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and at least 20 proprietorial cats.

Adapting to her environment ? :


  1. Sophie has it all figured out; a quick nap and being untroubled by a "relative" is a great way to spend any day.

  2. One of the candidates for the Euro Elections is a Beagle. It looks very whistful and appealing - might just get my vote!

  3. Angus, I thought I posted this yesterday from my ipad. If I did, and you deleted it, apologies for re-posting. Please could you vote in a week, and not two? Otherwise you may be a little trop tard.

    are you voting in France or Scotland/Sweden)