Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rotating machinery.

A quiet day. Loic the heavily bifocaled gardener arrives to weed the lavender borders. He regales me with a long and unintelligible story which seems to involve a sack of fertilizer and a piece of rotating machinery. I smile, nod and say ' Mon Dieu ' at pauses in the lengthy tale. Before he goes Loic's allowed a spin on the lawn tractor. This has him laughing away. The PONs are sent indoors when Loic gets behind the wheel.

The post lady delivers the electoral communications for Sundays European parliamentary elections.  We've already voted by post in Scotland so the leaflets are wasted on us.  This year the Yellow Jackets have a political party. We know this because one of the candidates in the photo is wearing a yellow jacket. Everyone in this years elections seems to be keen on the suitably vague constructs of reinventing France and making Europe work for the people.

A simpler political agenda is espoused by the Esperanto Party. They are annoyed by the predominance of English in EU communications and their manifesto is singular in its aim. Out with English, in with Esperanto ! Angus can't help but think that French or German could be more viable alternative languages. The problem is they can't be mangled and still be understood like English. For all its faults the language of Shakespeare is a remarkably forgiving language to non native speakers.

Down to the farm for breakfast strawberries. Bob and Sophie charge along the valleys formed by the poly tunnels. They consider this to be high adventure. Earlier in the week the strawberry lady was hopeful that she still had a couple of weeks harvesting ahead of her. She now thinks that she'll have to close up shop on Monday as the Senegalese pickers are needed in the melon fields.

Political dogs :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Lovely to read that Loic remains cheerful and thay Angus still willing go provide 'rides'...
...rough night, Mlle Sophie??? Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

Susan said...

I had been wondering what young Philippot was up to, until I got the election flyers.

Lisa in Tokyo said...

Dogs At Polling Stations is wonderful! It is almost enough to take my mind off the fact we will have Trump at Sumo tomorrow afternoon here in Tokyo!

Angus said...

When history is written Abe's attempts at keeping on the right side of events will warrant a special place.

Emm said...

Those of us outside of the EU have fingers crossed that the good guys win.
I applaud Mr. Abe's efforts, but suspect he'll eventually find out what all others do, that there is no rational dealing with what one of my favorite writers has called the vulgar talking yam.
Lovely strawberries, drool-worthy.