Monday, May 13, 2019

Every bird in France

Out into the garden at first light to check for C-A-T-S. Sophie heads out of the door and turns left. Bob goes right. Their master follows a middle path and undoes the chain on the far gate. By the time he's finished they've both joined him for the morning perambulation along the lane to the storm drain.

Every bird in France out for the dawn chorus. Each one rejoicing at the feel of the morning sun on their feathers. A wall of happy sound. PONs and master pause under the oak trees and listen. Angus looks at Bobs haircut and makes a mental note never to consider taking up dog grooming as a profession.

We wave at the occupants of the school bus as it goes by. The two tikes are busy playing video games on their phones and don't see us. The smaller villagers press their noses against the bus windows and wave.

Into the sleepy little market town for bread and cakes. Later, a detour to the cafe for a croissant, a coffee and a bowl of water. The waiter takes our order and tickles Bobs head. Sophie gives him a '' get on with it " look. He laughs. There is something magical about these quiet May mornings. 

Today, a Baba Chantilly for 'The Font' and a Mille Feuille for me.

This was interesting :


  1. Oh it looks like a beautiful spring morning in your village, even the cakes are looking swell. We like Bobs haircut, we can see his eyes now!!

  2. Sophie's beard is getting longer than Bob's these days.
    I find it interesting that someone who claims to work 20-22 hours a day has managed to produce nine children.

  3. Hari om
    Gentle May mornings. A delightful image to close my eyes to. YAM xx

  4. Such a glorious blue sky. Such handsome PONs.
    I am always amused at these puff pieces about how you can do it all and sleep only four hours a night and produce books plus children, never mentioning the platoon of support staff necessary. And sometimes books take longer to produce than do children.