Thursday, May 30, 2019

One careful owner.

First thing in the morning and I'm reminded that Sophie needs an hour on the grooming table. Not that an hours grooming will do much good. Give her five minutes and she'll be rolling on her back in the long grass and getting up close and personal with mole hills. By contrast big brother has fur that's easily manageable.

Our departure on the morning walk is delayed while Sophie barks at a particularly annoying collar dove that sits chirruping away happily in a cypress tree. She goes out onto the balcony to make sure it has no plans to stay there. The collar dove seem oblivious to this eighteen inch bundle of barking fury.

A croissant malformation means that we get one normal croissant and one malformed one. 'No point in wasting it ' says the bakers wife looking first at Angus then at Bob. In return Bob gives her his ' I love you. I really do '' look.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the Old Farmer is deep in conversation with 'The Font'. His Mercedes is 32 years old and has just done 500,000 kilometres. He's written a letter to the manufacturer and they've sent back a letter saying the mileage is testament to the quality of the product and the skill and proficiency of the owner. They've also sent him a little plaque to go on the back of the car ' 500k and still going strong'. He is very happy with the letters contents.

On Thursday morning a little antidote  :


  1. My husband thinks I'm crazy but that kid with his Irish accent made me tear up with happiness. XXX Lynn + Oliver in NH.

  2. Sophie is lucky she can fully express her rage against the collar dove. Cherry, our own bundle of barking fury, has recently become the subject of complaints in our apartment building and is now confined to the living area and kitchen, away from the entrance hall and the infuriating delivery men, vacuum cleaners and, most infuriating of all, Jack, the elderly Boston Terrier who lives next door.

    1. Female PONs are not shy and retiring when it comes to voicing their displeasure.

  3. How nice of Mercedes to acknowledge the OF and his car. No wonder he's thrilled. I would be too.

  4. Good on the baker and the Mercedes company. A small kindness goes a long way to making people and Pons happy.

  5. I'm very impressed with the age of the OF's venerable Mercedes, and so many miles/km. Do you know what year it is?
    Peonies and extra croissants and smart/kind car-marketing have the makings of a Very Good Day.

  6. Good for the OF Mercedes! Usually if a car makes it to the 200,000-mile mark, you know you got your money’s worth. Recently in the news was a report of one man's 2000 Honda Accord that made it to the 1 million-mile mark. I wonder how many miles Sophie will get on those bionic knees of hers?

  7. Don't think modern cars...even Mercedes...are built to last 32 years now.

  8. oh, d'uh. I was so overcome by pictures of handsome PONs that I didn't read all the text carefully. That'll learn me.