Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday morning and three interesting things.

Good morning from him .....

... and good morning from her.

The garden has already been checked to make sure it's free of  C-A-T-S .

Three interesting things for a Monday morning.

1 ) - A ray of sunlight focused through a chink in the shutters lights up some roses in the dressing room. Twenty seconds later the sun has moved , the light is unfocused and the roses are back in darkness. A brief but memorable prismatic floor show.

Interesting thing 2 ) - The greengrocer has finally given up using plastic bags and has replaced them with biodegradable paper ones. He's not sure if they're as strong or if the other customers will like them. ' At least we'll give them a try. Can't be fairer than that'.

Interesting thing 3 ) - At the cafe the plastic stirrers are replaced by wooden ones.

 Are these signs that environmental awareness is becoming a thing ?

What a disaster this could be :


  1. Yes. Plus it's a sign the laws are changing. People always assume that laws changing follows attitude changing, but actually it is usually the other way round.

  2. Good morning to The Two Ponnies!

  3. Hari OM
    Well, hello and good morning from the down under roamer in the gloaming! Lovely little snippets - and yes, change is gradually settling in. YAM xx

  4. The rose moment is magical.
    Good changes, all of them. I agree with Susan that it takes laws to make the changes, otherwise people do what they've always done out of inertia. Why is it impossible to find coton-tiges that have cardboard instead of plastic? Also, cotton disks for removing makeup aren't all cotton--they contain polyester! And they will continue to until some law says that it's bad to have these little petroleum-derived fibers going into landfills. I bet most people don't look at the contents on the wrapping (plastic) of their cotton disks.

  5. The rose shot is is the fact that you had your phone at the ready. Or is that awareness actually because dark suits are clamoring for your thoughts this morning? A bar full of Australians and/or New Zealanders when the beer runs dry could lead to some excitement to put it mildly.

    1. Don't think Scots would be too happy either ! And yes, the black suited men were 'nervous' about many things this morning.

  6. Are those roses or peonies? Lovely, whatever they are.
    Here's the Beeb on one aspect of the climate change problem:

  7. Is it easier--and less violent-- to face sober, angry visitors with no beer; or tell drunks there is no more.....

  8. Lovely roses shot - spring sunshine is lovely and soft.

    We are glad that our supermarkets have removed plastic bags. I have used my own bags for years so it is no big deal.