Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Thought for the day.

Why go round a hedge when you can go through it ?

Will shop awnings make a comeback with global warming ? :

A strangely interesting story. Will this New York church ever be finished ? :


  1. Through the hedge backwards next time?

  2. Stopping sunshine from hitting windows is a great way to keep interiors cool. We use our shutters in summer. Awnings also work. The link reminded me of why I haven't been to LA.
    Cathedral of St. John the Divine is an interesting place, a bit like Barcelona's Sagrada Familia.

  3. Quite an article about LA. And a sign of the times that city planners want to provide shady green places but want to avoid making them too inviting thus encouraging the homeless to loiter and/or settle permanently.
    All hell seems to have broken loose over here about the Mueller/Barr conflict. The Chinese dark suits must be keeping your phone busy.

  4. And that is how a Pon gets a nice floofy look for the day.

  5. Oz shops are built with an extended roof (awnings). We usually look like we've been through a hedge most days.

  6. Hari OM
    A dog after my own heart; no beating about the bush, just mow it down!!! YAM xx