Saturday, May 18, 2019

Men kick, women throw.

Wet and unseasonably cold. The jet stream is doing strange things and has brought a blast of chill air down from the Arctic.The rain starts to pelt down around midnight and is still cascading down when we set of on our morning walk. By the time we return from greeting the goats Sophie has developed that  'frizzy hair' look. Big brother hasn't.

After a brisk towelling dry , the PONs are loaded into the car and set off to the strawberry farm for two punnets of Gariguettes. We've taken to eating seasonally - strawberries, then melons, then peaches. We're still in the strawberry season with no sign of it petering out any time soon. The strawberry lady says this is the coolest, wettest May she's known. It will extend her picking season for another three weeks.

At the supermarket a strange form of sexism is alive and - quite literally - kicking. A detergent company is having a competition. Men are asked to kick a ball into  a net in order to win a free sample of a new 3 in 1 pod.

Women are supposed to throw a smaller ball into a fake tumble drier.This  is presumably based on some supposition that men are better at kicking and women are better at throwing things. 

This being France the respective male and female attendants seem to be much more interested in flirting with each other than in marketing pods to passing detergent buyers.  


  1. Very sexist of the detergent marketing team.

    We are having unseasonably warm weather, with 16 degrees today and sunny. Although it drops to 7 degrees overnight, our days have been lovely. Only 5 weeks to the shortest day for us, and then the seasons will flip again.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. While we freeze Scotland has been basking in heat.

  2. Did you step up and offer to throw the ball into the drier while The Font kicked the ball? Nasty things, those detergents, full of chemicals.
    Kudos on eating seasonally. Three more weeks of strawberries sounds very good.