Saturday, August 1, 2020

40% productivity increase.

Fans whirring away. Our electricity bills going through the roof. Well above 40 again.  Thankfully, the cool tiles and thick walls downstairs moderate the hallway heat to a much more manageable 18 degrees. This is where Sophie spends much of her day.

The sun is quite ferocious. The village deserted. Sophie finds some air dried fox poo on the grass by the war memorial. Our morning walk comes to a complete halt while this is savoured.

At the cafe with the good croissants Sophie is greeted by the gentlemen from the council sanitation department. It's a special sort of dog who is known by name by the refuse collectors. How chic is that ! Kardashians, weep !

While waiting for our order Sophie and Angus put the world to rights. The waitress bring a bowl of water with an ice cube. This week we have learnt two new names - Louie Gohmert and Stella Immanuel. Sophie is not massively taken with either.

Yesterday 'The Font' goes to see the doctor to get the results of the scan. The appointment is for two pm. At three pm 'The Font' speaks to the receptionist. The doctor is 'running four hours late' and still seeing the morning patients. A new appointment is rescheduled.  A hastily arranged alternative. The  scan results are e-mailed to London and within 20 minutes an online consultation arranged with a UK specialist. All is good but head bangs can take  a surprisingly long time to heal. The specialist says that he now does 90% of his consultations - both NHS and private - on line . His productivity has increased by 40% as 'no shows' don't exist. This enables his scheduling to be much more flexible. This in turn works to our advantage. 

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WFT Nobby said...

Good news that the Font's scan look OK. My medical doctor friends have mixed feelings about the switch to mostly online consultations in the UK. I've been interested to see how an organisation like the NHS, which often seems very clunky and resistant to change, seems to have demonstrated a level of flexibility no one would have imagined possible six months ago.
Now off to google Louis Gohmert and Stella Immanuel.
Cheers, Gail.

Camille said...

That is good news regarding the Font's scan results. Sorry to hear it may take more time to fully heal but she does have an excellent team nearby in the form of you and Sophie. Hoping your twinges are settling down also. What a spring/summer this has been for you all. We're being encouraged to set up online medical consultations over here as well but thankfully, I've had no occasion as of yet to 'test' the system. However, should such a thing become necessary, I will NOT be calling Stella but perhaps will recommend her services to Mr Gohmert instead.

Sheila said...

Amazingly, your heat wave means that the temperatures there are exceeding ours here in the center of Texas. Only Louie Gohmert could arrive at the conclusion that he caught the coronavirus from his mask. How do these people continue to win elections?'

It is indeed good news about 'The Font's' scan results. I do hope the dealership isn't absolved of any financial responsibility for all these medical bills.

Taste of France said...

Glad to hear the Font is doing well. I think the running late is an exception, not the rule. I have been for three appointments for my broken+dislocated elbow, each time with x-rays before. All scheduled by the hospital--no separate calls by me. I am told to show up for an x-ray 30-45 minutes before seeing the surgeon. No wait to check in. No wait for the x-ray. Five-minute wait for the surgeon. I was all done half an hour before my scheduled appointment. I go back in three months, which is fine as the surgeon is exceptionally easy on the eyes.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Gohmert and Immanuel....I wonder if there is a special department who digs these people up... Glad The Font is improving.

Sheila said...

The special department is Texas. We seem to have a surplus of 'these people."

Ms. said...

must see...

suej said...

Good to hear your news about The Font.