Friday, July 31, 2020

Even hotter

The early rising farmer is ploughing the field on the other side of the lane. Clouds of dust drift towards The Rickety Old Farmhouse. Sophie is hurried back into the safety of the garden. Today is going to rise to the mid 40's. At this early hour it's already 28 and not a hint of a breeze.

After the ploughing has stopped and the dust has settled Sophie is given a bath.  For once we have managed to rig up a shower attachment that leads from a downstairs bathroom to an outside paddling pool. Before she knows it Sophie is in the pool, shampooed and showered. Slices of carrot encourage her to remain almost still and almost uncomplaining.

Being a diva Sophie knows how to arrive - post bath - in the kitchen and demand more gratification. She gets more carrot slivers which seems a fair recompense.

Time for a fast outing in the car, windows down, to fluff up and dry our shaggy companion. Today in the greengrocers we buy some fresh peas ...

... and some rhubarb. This will be turned into a crumble and served with white peach ice cream. Sophie has decided white peach ice cream  is out of this world and should be a staple of her diet.

I found this interesting - but perhaps you have to be a child of the times :

Friendship dolls to Japan. This is one of the more esoteric things from MIT :

August 1st is National Mustard Day. This sounds like a truly bad idea but I'd try it ..... once :

Summer music :


WFT Nobby said...

The music video is more infectious than Covid-19.
Stay cool and enjoy your dessert.
We're looking forward to topping 20ºC here in Aberdeen today!

Liz Hamblyn said...

I hate to say this but it was 16C today, in the middle of a New Zealand winter. Very mild.

Lisa in France said...

I also enjoyed the music. I think that is Havana, another of the places I am currently missing. As for the dolls, they are pretty creepy, but maybe they worked OK with the zeitgeist in Japan - around that time, Western dress and hairstyles were quite the thing. Sophie looks a bit bedraggled. We don't even attempt to bathe Cherry, but I am currently tasked with washing her feet with an antifungal shampoo that needs to stay on for 10 minutes - lots of fun. She's been taking a lot of antibiotics since her operation, and apparently if you wipe out the bacteria, the fungi step into the breach.

Coppa's girl said...

28º here too, just before 7a.m, and not a breath of wind. Poor Sophie looks like an orphan from the storm, but good to know that the ride in the car fluffed her up nicely.
That rhubarb looks delicious - not something we see often in it's natural form, here.