Tuesday, January 26, 2021


The pool restoration team show up at first light. Sophie stands at the front door and announces their arrival. She then wanders over to inquire what they've brought for lunch.

No sooner have the pool men started work than Loic makes an appearance. You're never quite sure which day of the week Loic is going to turn up. Sometimes he comes once a week, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. In summer when conditions are perfect for driving the lawn tractor he'd be here 24/7 if he could. Today he blows leaves. Loic likes blowing leaves. I think it may have something to do with the noise the power blower makes. He shows me his ' curfew form' still safely and proudly encased in its clear plastic folder.

Roll on the summer and warmer temperatures. Sophie is in need of a deep clean and the mother of all haircuts. This is priority #1 when the mercury gets up into the 20's. Today it's windy. Sophie's fur is equally unkempt on both right and left sides. Symmetrically shaggy,

'The Font' has pretty much given up going to the local 8 a 8 store. It has a remarkably good selection of products but the octogenarian ladies of the village like to get there early for a 'chat' by the cash desk.  Chats and masks are mutually incompatible so the masks are disposed of. The staff at the butchers counter are also of the mask loathing minority which dims the allure of their pork chops. Instead alternate day use is made of the Click and Collect half an hour away. Once a week we get a 'Click and Collect' gift as appreciation for our custom. Last week it was a pack of 5 Starbucks Coffee capsules. Today it's a pack containing two of what must be the worlds smallest pancakes. 

Tuesday morning  and some musicians having fun. Do you hear 'All things bright and beautiful' in the first few bars ?  : https://youtu.be/4BjOCz4jLMg?t=589

This is a rarity - an online menu you actually want to read - http://www.auntdai.com/en/?page_id=22


  1. The cellists seem very intense. The menu makes me want to fly immediately to Montreal and log on to Uber Eats. I think Sophie looks lovely. We took Charlie for his first real grooming yesterday and were really shocked when he emerged looking like - a poodle. I guess we've become used to a certain amount of unkemptness in our dogs. We'll have to figure out how to give better instructions before the next appointment.

  2. There's something rather appealing about a shaggy dog (providing it's not your own of course!) and like Lisa, I think Sophie looks lovely - the windswept look suits her. Loic is rather touching with his obvious pride in his curfew form in the plastic case that you gave him. Would that all our pleasures could be so simple.
    How strange - I bought a pack of 6 large crepes this morning from our local Lidl - they are having a French foods promotion week. They look good and I'm going to try a few savoury fillings for a change. Yours are probably what we'd know as Scotch pancakes, a totally different thing.

  3. And did the pool men bring jaffa cakes?
    Bertie is thinking the pancakes are surely dog treat sized.

  4. Hari OM
    I was also thinking in terms of pikelets ("Scotch pancakes")... but surely they were good with all that fresh milk and free-range eggs in them?! YAM xx

  5. The pancakes look perfectly Sophie-sized.