Monday, January 18, 2021


Sophie starts off her day looking vaguely like a mud and twig free PON. She was groomed last night and a days collection of detritus removed from her fur. 

Before clambering into the back of the car she checks the village green. The local C-A-T-S eye her warily from their gathering spot on the churchyard wall.  We detect signs that the new, nocturnal, mayor has been at work. Overnight the decorations that were hanging from the antlers of the log reindeer have been removed. The strands of tinsel that were draped across the yew trees at the corners of the war memorial have also gone. However, the ornament free reindeer are still there as is the scarecrow dressed as Father Christmas and the Swedish Christmas wreaths the local think are 'dour'. Will they all be cleared away in the wee hours of tomorrow morning or will they still be there in February?

By the time the family diva's been for a walk down by the river, checked the verges for things to eat and chased pigeons along the towpath she's looking less groomed and altogether more feral. That PONette dragged through a hedge backwards look.

It's the paws that usually give the game away although the muzzle is also a pretty good indicator of 'adventures'.

Lockdown music .Bologna and its Duomo in the rain with a 69 year old air guitar rocker. This is the most Italian thing I've ever seen :


  1. Today's "before" and "after" photos are indeed striking. Too bad Joe Biden didn't invite this guy for the virtual inauguration - he certainly captures the spirit of the times.

  2. Hari Om
    Vasco put his heart and soul into that song. It paid off. Dear Sophie... you simply epitomise Covid Chic! YAM xx

    1. It's true, YAM! I look like that pretty much every day! Especially the hair sticking straight up :-)

  3. Some high quality shooting of that video!