Saturday, March 6, 2021

Hints of grey ?

The weather suddenly telling us Spring has arrived.

Yesterday, France manages to administer 200k jabs.  Population adjusted this is less than half the rate the US and the UK are running at but a welcome sign that things are at last being taken seriously. Data availability is also improving :

This morning we head off down the hill. We're out for a full hour. When we make it back to The Rickety Old Farmhouse Sophie checks the kitchen then heads out into the garden and clambers up onto the wooden grooming table. Nothing like a sun warmed wooden table as a place to settle down for a nap after a long walk. I have the feeling she's going to be there until the tree surgeon arrives later today. Am I imagining it or are there the first hints of grey in her coat ?


  1. Sophie looks very distinguished, standing up there on the ridge. As for the possibility grey, Angus remember that in the presence of a lady one should keep such thoughts to oneself...

  2. Oh no - not grey, not yet, Angus! That is merely her white hair intermingled with the black! A careful brushing and rearranging will solve the problem.

  3. Hari OM
    Grey? Not sure I know Sophie well enough to comment... The radio link is fascinating... and as for the Snapper. Well, might have lived to 100 if they hadn't decided to dissect it... YAM xx

  4. Sophie grey? Well, perhaps a wee smidge. But in a show of solidarity please assure the lovely girl I currently far surpass her greys due to the one year lockdown and no visits to the hair salon during that time. The mirror indicates I have indeed become my mother.

    I've just spent some time traveling all over the world listening to many radio stations. What fun and a great link. Thanks Angus!

  5. Sophie may be slightly grey, but the diva is gorgeous as always! Radio Garden is very cool!

  6. Research Laboratories determined the age of the snappers by dissecting them, well that rather puts an end to a lovely 81 year old snapper! Surely they could have done better. $00 year old sharks? WOW!
    Sophie knows that grey is the hip happening color these days, even 20 year old girls are having their hair dyed grey. Sophie, trend setter.
    I have been playing with radio garden for about four weeks, I find it comforting. Listening to home town , switching it to the opposite side of the globe, so cool.

  7. Given the current circumstances it might be worth noting that the last I saw anything, production of the original Lyme disease vaccine had been terminated by the pharmaceutical company because it was not sufficiently profitable given that some number of recipients had sued, claiming the vaccine had caused arthritis-like symptoms. This assumes my memory is accurate. A French company was supposed to be developing a new and better vaccine but development was expected to take four years more (although I may have read that one or two years ago). Our dog gets a Lyme disease vaccine once a year and I have no idea if the canine version resembles the human version in any significant way.