Monday, March 8, 2021

I shall not be moved.

Some coffee table books are ok. Some are blah. This one on British Embassies is good. In fact it's probably the first coffee table book I've ever read cover to cover. This photo of the Ankara embassy dog might have sold me on the book. Grandeur as a backdrop for a good  ' I shall not be moved !'  nap.

My canine companion leads on down the hill towards the stream and the waterfall. From time to time she stops and looks over her shoulder to make sure I'm still following on behind. A very sheepdog like gesture. Sophie does her best to mask her impatience at my leisurely progress  ..... but she doesn't quite succeed.

No red wine in the cartons delivered yesterday. You know that summer and warm weather is coming when the stocks of rose and white are topped up. The world is getting back in its groove.

The last time we were in Italy this was just an unattractive building site. It's now been restored and is set to open to the public :

Lockdown link of the day. That herd of goats in Wales is getting more adventurous :

My daily reminder to be thankful. A Pope comes to visit. For these Iraqi Christians it must have been a day to be treasured :


  1. I love the dog in the Ankara Emvasy photo. Do diplomats get to move their dogs around the world without quarantine/passports, I'm wondering

  2. Can you imagine the life that researching that book must have been...?

  3. I also loved the photo of the dog in the Embassy. When our kids were very small, we lived next to the EU Ambassador's residence in Tokyo, and they used to play with the Ambassador's dog, an elderly but patient mixed-breed named Sally. She did go with them when the Ambassador was reassigned, although I don't think it's too difficult to move dogs outside the Commonwealth countries. Meanwhile I want to go to Rome and see the Mausoleum!

  4. The dog in the Ankara Embassy looks so much like my Lab. Coppa they could have been twins - not that he ever lived in such illustrious surroundings!

  5. Hari om
    ...could do with a herd of goats to liven up life round here... YAM xx

  6. The Biden administration has eliminated the wine tariffs as a good will gesture for four months to negotiate a solution to the airbus ‘issues’. Hopefully that problem will be solved. Ought to get the 2020 European roses in.

  7. Bailey Bob Southern DogMarch 8, 2021 at 4:58 PM

    Embassy Dog reminds me of my much loved Bailey Bob!!!

  8. Embassy Dog reminds me of Sophie's half-in, half-out nap position. She, too looks unmovable!