Thursday, September 15, 2022

A compensating joy.

A wondrous sunrise this morning. Compensation for having to get up at five forty five to walk an enthusiastic sheepdog. We sit on the foreshore and take a call from the super bright Los Angeleans. It's unlikely we'll be having conversations like this when the wind is blowing a force 10 gale but today the sea is as calm as a millpond.  The Los Angeleans ask if I'm going to London for the Queens funeral. Angus quietly wonders if they have any idea of how crowded London is going to be with 200 heads of state flying in .

Sophie waits, with some approximation of patience, until I finish. Today we've talked about the Swedish election, how Russia will respond to its humiliation,  the US mid-terms after Roe v Wade and the Armenian/Azerbaijani war. My canine companion is much more interested in a cormorant that sits, insolently, on a small rock that juts out of the water.

Off this morning in the black Volvo to the little fishing town for some strawberries. The shiny black paint on the new car is now covered in a thick layer of mud from the unmade farm track. Black was not the most practical of choices for the deep countryside. Somehow, the little shop on the High Street manages to source wonderful dressed crab and strawberries that are full of sunshine. The fishermen haven't returned to harbour yet so there's no dressed crab but the farmer has just delivered a dozen punnets of fresh berries.

A near disaster at a neighbouring croissant selling cafe.

There is a puppy asleep ( as only puppies can sleep ) in the corridor that leads from the street to the cafe. The chances of Sophie leaving a sleeping puppy alone are less than zero. Her 'meet and greet' skills can be effusive. We beat a hasty retreat before there are earth rending squeals of delight.

Back at home Sophie gets some of 'The Fonts' porridge. A reward for not pouncing on a sleeping puppy. There is also honey. After that there's a chance to hurtle across the fields in pursuit of a flock of geese. Can there be any better start to a day ?

Could there be some logic in choosing 3 1/2 star restaurants ? :


WFT Nobby said...

I'm thinking the little fishing town must be Crail, a spot much favoured by second home owners in Aberdeen, and not a million miles from my family's ancestral village of St Monans. (My branch of the family left for London around 1810).
Porridge a wise breakfast choice as the chills of autumn start to kick in.
The puppy is of course adorable (and, Nobby thinks, ripe for being pounced upon).
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

The greengrocer has an apt name.
I remember my Scottish father-in law telling me that the best strawberries were from the east coast of Scotland - as was the best Rhubarb!
Glad that Sophie didn't have chance to pounce on the adorable pup - not a good introduction if she wants to be friends!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
ah yes, Green's of Crail - I see Gail is familiar, too. The East Neuk is a truly wonderful patch in this Bonny Land... which is a quilt of truly wonderful patches!!! YAM xx

Poppy Q said...

Lovely puppy and a wise choice to leave it resting. I am sure that millions would love the chance to farewell the Queen, but for most of us it will be through our television screens on Monday. I shall be getting a glass ready to toast her .

Travel said...

A nice office for your morning calls. Keep chasing the geese

Linda Sue said...

The vision of crab in little dresses and a mud pie Volvo will get me through the day, and of course, Sophie's hair extraordinaire, a sleeping pup. and the sky over Scotland. Thank you.

Susan said...

Another wonderful post to start the morning - thanks, Angus!
I am a little concerned for the pup being next to all of those wires. I can picture him playfully chewing on them and , literally, getting the shock of his life. It must be the Mom/Grandma in me - always seeing danger ahead.

Jake of Florida said...

Boy crabs wearing denim overalls?