Saturday, September 17, 2022



You'd think that at six am the wind swept Scottish coastline would be quiet and depopulated . Not a bit of it. This morning we meet a gentleman who has come to repair the doors on the village doocot, a third year student out to photograph the fossilized giant millipede tracks by the salt lake and a small black dog that appears out of nowhere and has boundless levels of energy.

Sophie ignores the doocot man and the student but is completely nonplussed by the small black dog. 

She attempts to establish some form of canine communication but the small black dog shows no interest. It rolls on its back, hurtles off, returns, then hurtles away again. In between it charts an anti-clockwise circle around her followed seamlessly by a clockwise one.

Finally small black dog defies gravity and leaps onto a stone wall. There it stands before deciding that it's time to fly off to some place that it calls home. This entire interlude is both brief and frenetic... and conducted in shocked silence. Sophie would love to leap up on the wall too but age and titanium knees make her think better of it.

Back at home the family diva gives me a look that says ' What in heavens name was that all about ?'


WFT Nobby said...

A photo of the fossil millipede, please.
Nobby would find the small black dog the perfect playmate.

Coppa's girl said...

Intrigued to know what a doocot is, so asked Google. Seems it's a cross between a house for pigeons and a dovecote.
The little black dog looks a bit like a spaniel, so no wonder it has boundless energy. Poor Sophie - it would have been fun to play with.
Inca would ignore it completely these days, she too old for such larks!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
As Coppa says, that is definitely a Cocker Spaniel and known for its incredible stamina... if it is a local farmer's dog, it may become a regular tease! I, too, would appreciate a piccie of the fossil footsteps... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

We've heard so many stories of Sophie's aloof response to other dogs, it's interesting that she tried to communicate with this one. He seems to have puppy energy?

Travel said...

I understand the reluctance to jump up on the wall, as we age dignity and discretion prevail.

Poppy Q said...

My wall jumping days are over too. I hope your new friend visits again.

Jake of Florida said...

Anti-clockwise had me nonplussed for a moment. I knew what you meant but early a.m. couldn't remember its American English version. Ah, but ever faithful Google reminded me of the difference, confirming your anti-clockwise and our counter-clockwise. Sigh of relief.

Teena and Lala said...

Good girl for being so gracious Sophie. Merlin would have been furious!