Tuesday, November 15, 2022


After the long mild spell Winter has arrived. A sharp as a knife wind blowing off the sea. I tell Sophie to pick up her pace and get a move on. She has other ideas. Under her three inch thick fur coat she's as warm as toast. Down on the shore the PONette lingers to smell every strand of seaweed. Her companion has five layers on and wishes he was wearing a sixth. Coming back up the track we're met by three village Jack Russells out for an adventure. They bark , oblivious to the fact that only their ears and tips of their tails can be seen above the long grass. The family diva ignores them. The Jack Russells quickly move on - they have great adventures ahead of them.

Yesterday, we put out the bird feeders and filled them with sunflower seeds. As we set off in the car a small band of sparrows and finches are clustered on the wild rose stems by the gate. They watch us go then flit off to the feeders. Give them a couple of days and they'll be joined by their less brave siblings. The fields quieter now. There's a couple of swans by the salt lake but the migrating birds seem to have - sensibly - headed south.

Sophie isn't allowed into the coffee shop. There is however a fresh bowl of water waiting for her outside. Shortbread is provided. The PONette receives this 'enthusiastically '. The only other customers this morning a woman from Oregon and her student daughter. The mother's paying £180, breakfast and dinner included, to stay at the best 5 star hotel in town. The strong dollar and shoulder season rates proved irresistible. 'Cheaper than the Holiday Inn at Portland airport' .

We wander back to the car trying to avoid the worst of the gusts. A large and run down old house by the castle has a  near pristine Victorian era glass porch. It has a 'Hammer House of Horrors' look to it.

The cathedral is fenced off. A piece of masonry has fallen off one of the towers and the whole thing is now being surveyed to see what other problems there might be. This was once one of Europes major shrines. Pilgrims came from all over to visit the tomb of the Saint. Now it's a quaint ruin . It must have been spectacular when Robert the the Bruce rode his horse down the nave to celebrate victory at Bannockburn.

On our return to the wee cottage by the sea we find that 'The Font ' is doubly happy. This mornings Wordle and Nerdle both done in two. Today the designs for the new conservatory and kitchen should be ready. Angus is also expecting the Christmas champagne to be delivered. The supermarket is still doing it's mad 25% off everything campaign which makes buying it in Scotland cheaper than it would have been in France. Go figure.


Lisa in France said...

Congratulations to the Font - Wordle in two is indeed impressive. I had never even heard of Nerdle but dropped everything to check it out. I like puzzles that are addictive but can only be done once a day and don't take too long!

WFT Nobby said...

Sorry to break the bad news, but winter on East Coast of Scotland (especially in exposed windy locations) can get a lot colder yet. I'm afraid that 18 years spent in Mediterranean climes might make one forget!
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

I enjoy crosswords but have never yet attempted Wordle. Haven't heard of Nerdle, but will check it out.
Lucky Sophie with her thick coat - she'll be glad of it when you brave the winter gales on your walks.
The Cathedral must once have been a magnificent building - how sad that it's been allowed to fall into ruin.

Travel said...

If they won't let the Diva in, are you likely to return? Stay warm, enjoy the walks, thank you for taking us along each day.

potty said...

Quality of coffee and Toast, Staff that have become friends and welcome to well behaved dogs are the criteria of cafes. I am two weeks now witout my best 4 footed friend but shall still continue to frequent these favourites.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It remains comparatively mild (for the time of year) on this side of the Bonny Land, albeit interior lighting is required due to the density of the cloud and rain... but I guess that can't last much longer.

Now, as to daily puzzles, may I offer you WORLDLE - brush up your geography and knowledge of capitals and flags! YAM xx

EAS said...

Might the Font share her favorite opening Wordle word? Two is my goal, but sadly my best is only three. Shortbread, ginger snaps, de-chocolated Jaffa cakes - so much variety beyond the crispy croissant ends of France!

EAS said...

WORLDLE - looks great, thanks Yamini!

Jake of Florida said...

I understand the joy of wordle in 2..Did it yesterday by chance and was happy all day! There's also waffle and, as YAM suggested, worldle. Best done with a map at hand. What fun to know that your Sophie lovers also share a love of these puzzles.

Peter and Shelagh said...

Angus, you need a good canadian goose down parka, and heated vest.