Thursday, November 10, 2022

Marvel at the sight .

The fitters come to measure up for the new kitchen. They introduce themselves as 'Shuggie' and 'Wee Davie'. There is also a morose lad who is there for 'training'. The morose lad doesn't seem to have a name, or if he does we're not told what it is.  Shuggie, Wee Davie and the lad spend an hour and a half measuring. Angus who has absolutely nothing useful to say about kitchen design or cooker hoods  leaves them to talk to 'The Font'. 

Out over the estuary a rainbow makes a brief but colourful appearance. We seem to get rainbows every other day here. There have been two small supply vessels moored mid-bay for the last three days. I'd assumed that the crew would come ashore to replenish their supplies or rediscover their land legs  but there's been no sign of any tenders arriving or leaving. Perhaps they're sheltering from a force 10 gale between here and Jutland ?

Into town with Sophie. No bacon roll this morning but Sophie is well catered for. Her Jaffa Cake arrives on top of my Americano.

We walk through town on our way back to the car. A second municipal Christmas decoration has been put up. This one stretches from Greggs the bakers across the road to Starbucks. Will there be a ceremony to turn on the lights ?  Will a third street spanning decoration make an appearance ?  Perhaps people will come from outlying villages to marvel at the sight ? 



WFT Nobby said...

Nobby is worried that the Jaffa cake will have been warmed by resting on the coffee cup lid, thus complicating the de-chocolating process.

Angus said...

WFT - Fear not Nobby. On a St Andrews Thursday morning in November the heat from the underside of the Jaffa Cake quickly dissipates. De-chocolating is delayed but not derailed.

Coppa's girl said...

What a relief to hear that the Jaffa cake is still reasonably easy to de-chocolate, and we notice that the Jaffa cake fits nicely on the top of the coffee lid.
The start of another best day ever for Sophie - that puddle will take some slurping.
Another morose kitchen fitters' mate - oh dear, could he be a relative of the ones you encountered in France?
Some people are very hardy - I espy a man wearing shorts!

Linda said...

The apprentice joiners/plumbers/electricians during our 2 year house renovation have all been called Ryan.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
On this western firth, rainbows are a fairly frequent feature too... which may be why Scotland is the land of the Unicorn... YAM xx

Travel said...

Sophie probably has some ideas for what should be featured in the new kitchen, an automated treat dispenser, self refreshing water bowl, and a nice pool of water in the middle of the floor to roll in. And warm spot for winter naps.

Gemma's person said...

I wonder where the de-chocolate goes? ;)