Friday, November 4, 2022

Piccadily Circus.

For us Beijing duck for dinner last night.  For the PONette some left over duck breast with her breakfast kibbles this morning. Sophie starts the day with a spring in her step.

It's eye wateringly cold this morning. The wind has dropped but so has the temperature. On the horizon  the sun is just starting to gild the ruins of the old cathedral. From a distance the town with its medieval church towers and steeples looks like a Presbyterian San Gimignano. To medieval pilgrims arriving by boat the shrine of Saint Andrew must have looked like the new Jerusalem.

We scour the coastline in search of any ill birds. The fear is that avian flu will decimate the sea bird populations up and down the coast. Thankfully, there's no signs of any ill birds but there is a dead whale carcass that's been washed up in last nights storm. Sophie finds the scent of dead whale to be 'intriguing'. She is encouraged along.

Between the wee cottage and the coast there's a field. On the far side of the field a raised beach runs down to the rocks and the water. The raised beach is too steep to be ploughed so the farmers leave it to grow wild. This forgotten fifty yard strip is home to deer and larks and all sorts of creatures that forage on the waters edge. This morning we stop and look at a dozen cormorants standing on the rocks drying their outstretched wings. They look comical and make me laugh.  A stag looks at us and then bounds off into the long grass. There are hundreds and hundreds of noisy Canada geese. A dozen ducks paddle, line astern, across a rock pool. Humans may think it's quiet but with all this activity it's an avian Piccadilly Circus. 

By the time we get home it's not only the wildlife that's looking wild.

So starts a bright but cold Friday morning in a wee village of eighty souls ( and ten thousand birds ) on the North Sea coast.


paphosmuseum said...

Angus, have you reported the whale to SMASS? Pleasedo

WFT Nobby said...

Do cormorants have an idea how ridiculous they look when drying their wings?

Coppa's girl said...

In spite of Sophie's windswept look, another good start to a best day ever? How often do you find a whale carcass on your morning walk!
It's an intriguing coastline near to you - thankfully not one to encourage sunbathing or sandcastle builders.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
The difference between the first pawtrait and the second? Priceless! YAM xx

Travel said...

A delightful way to start the day, thank you for taking us along. Treat time for the diva

Melinda from Ontario said...

Tales of Sophie's joyous walks always remind me that Dukey is overdue for an invigorating hike. The trail we take is owned by a friend and guaranteed to be 'dog-free'. Dukey decided years ago that most dogs can't be trusted. We've tried to convince him otherwise but he refuses to listen.

Gemma's person said...

Sophie looks as she has just come from the shower in the last towel to be had.

Kippy said...

We love your observations during walks with Sophie. How wonderful to have that uncultivated area to observe nature.
It is quite windy and grey this morning in Seattle and rain seems imminent.Much colder temps (maybe snow) is forecast next week. It’s like the PNW version of St Andrews.