Sunday, November 13, 2022


 What makes a perfect day ?

Sun, long grass, puddles to drink from .... and exotic scents to be slowly sniffed and savoured. Sophie soon develops her ' natural ' look. The village pig is glared at. Can a day be more glorious ?

There is a plough in a field. This is thoroughly checked to make sure it's not a threat. The farmer will be along later to work this ground. After that there's only the large field on the brow of the hill to be done and then the landscape's ship shape for Christmas. The lady with the Labrador stops for  a wee chat. After the church service this morning those that want to can gather in the village hall to watch the new King take part in the Cenotaph commemoration.  He may, or may not, be popular but there is a general sense of wishing him well .... which is a different thing.

After ensuring all is well in the village we head off in the car.  

In the centre of town it's quiet. We're going to try a new cafe at the far end of the street with the cathedral at the other end.

300 yards further down the road, outside the cafe, the pavement is humming. The student drama society is putting on a new production and all the would be Gielguds are gathering for a coffee before rehearsals begin. I'm not sure how Sophie will react to the small crowd of students milling outside. Thankfully, she takes a shine to two very 'together' American girls who are missing their dogs and who, unbidden,  are delighted to engage her in lengthy conversation. A German young lady wanders over to join the accolades.  Angus is ignored. The coffee is superb but the croissant by French standards is stodgy and burnt. Sophie loves it. From the permanent wagging of her tail I reckon she's ranked it as a 12/10. She also loves being the centre of attention. PONette as diva. Everyone is happy. We've stumbled across the only place in town that serves French quality coffee. Oddly, it's also the cheapest. 

The first preparations made at the wee cottage for Christmas. Chocolates ordered from here :  and a Christmas cake ordered from here :


Lisa in France said...

Ah, but you know, we are all waiting to see how you replace the Christmas tree.

Coppa's girl said...

Shame about the croissant, but at least Sophie enjoyed it.
Looking at those blue skies, you are in for a good day. Perfect for a long walk along the shoreline.

Travel said...

Such a sweet little girl, who could resist.

rottrover said...

Finding good coffee in a new place is very important!

Gemma's person said...

I see Sophie has her own gift box selection in the first gift catalogue.