Thursday, November 3, 2022

Spruced up.

Our day starts off well. Sophie's fur looks as though she's been groomed sometime within living memory and her paws have lost much of their their winter coating of mud and gloop. This approximation of what a  'show dog'  should look like is the legacy from yesterday when she was spruced up for her visit to the vet . It can safely be said she wasn't keen on the 'sprucing up' or the vet visit. 

The vets view is that the growth on her muzzle isn't dangerous. It doesn't bother her, so why put an old lady through the risk of a general anesthetic ? Everyone thinks this is a sensible plan of action. 

Sophie turns her nose up at water in a dog bowl ( metal, plastic or ceramic ) but enthusiastically drinks ( slurps ) from a psychotically cheery pottery bowl we brought back from France. What is the canine psychology behind this selectivity ? Puddles are of course the best.

This morning we meet a group of early rising folk in the field by the sea. It's a group of  archaeologists who've come to explore a (possible) grave site on the raised beach at the end of the farm track. ' We're hoping this will give us all a better insight into their cognition and aesthetics' says an unsmiling young woman in a aquamarine puffa jacket. Both Angus and Sophie decide that a discussion of prehistoric cognition and aesthetics is a tad too complicated at this time in the morning. We wish them all well and leave. Sophie has made the discovery that archaeologists do not carry Jaffa Cakes. 

After chasing grouse ( ineptly ), glaring at the village pig and displaying a frosty hauteur to the Jack Russells who are congregating by the doocot, Sophie takes an executive decision and opts to top up her beauty sleep. The paws tell you this has been a good morning. That freshly groomed look didn't survive the first walk of the day.



WFT Nobby said...

Good to hear that the vet was not concerned by Sophie's lump. Nobby recommends muddy ditch water as the best to drink, with the added bonus that any earlier and unwanted grooming efforts can rapidly be undone as one jumps in for an initial thirst quencher and continues along the ditch taking additional sips to ensure one's beard is as mucky as one's legs and underbelly.

The Life of Riley said...

I concur a benign "beauty spot" on Sophie's muzzle is not worth surgery as all three of my golden retrievers, including my current boy had, or now have, various benign lumps and bumps, not removed in thier senior years to avoid anaesthetic. With her long fur I can't even see the spot and guessing your girl doesn't worry about it either.

Coppa's girl said...

What a relief to hear that Sophie's lump isn't a cause for concern or further exploration. My Labs had lumps and, although operated on, were thankfully all benign.
A good cause to celebrate with muddy paws.
Fancy the archaeologists not having Jaffa cakes amongst their persons - Sophie did the right thing!

Travel said...

A morning walk, followed by a nap, we should all join her.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

Great news on the vets view about the growth on Sophie’s muzzle!

Sharon said...

I noticed that Sophie has chosen to sleep on the mat rather than her nice comfy bed. My cat has several beds but prefers the wood floor or a door mat. Ha ha. Glad that her lump was not be worried about. At least we have a picture of her in a clean and groomed mode.

Lesley in Chicago said...

The stone walls in the "slurping" picture ... are stunning! I hope that's your cottage. Perfection!

Lisa in Tokyo said...

Cherry had a number of lumps, including two that turned out to be cancerous, one on her ear and the other on her throat. The vet didn't put her under for the biopsy, she did a needle biopsy while Cherry was awake. She did go under anesthesia to have them removed (two separate procedures), but it went fine. If the lump continues to grow, you might ask about a needle biopsy for additional reassurance.

I love the picture of Sophie and her dirty paws on the rug.