Saturday, November 5, 2022


Good morning from Sophie who has been out walking through puddles on her start of day walk. Drying your wet paws on the carpets and distributing mud to every corner of the house is one of the perks of being a family diva. 

We head off into town. It is another beautiful morning although the thermometer is showing an affinity to zero. This is weather Sophie can relate to.

The first of the town Christmas decorations has appeared. It's strung between a  sandwich shop and the trendy(ish) clothing store on the other side of the street. I assume it's the first of many street decorations but it's possible that in these canny Presbyterian heartlands it will be the only one.

We opt to have our morning coffee indoors. We try out a new cafe opened up by two ex-students. The coffee bar is very cool. The average age of the student customers must be 19, maybe 20. The arrival of Angus raises this average by a third. A young man with tattoos and head phones appears from behind the bar with my coffee and offers Sophie an oatmeal biscuit. Sophie accepts this - enthusiastically. A water bowl is provided. This is placed on the ground next door to a row of machines where you're supposed to order and pay for your coffee. 

A busy week. We've made some progress in the house but not as much as we'd hoped. The curtains are finally up. Installed by two ladies - Peggy and Ella - who blether happily... and constantly... away to each other about the weather, their health, their grandchildren and politics. It can safely be said that Peggy and Ella believe our current politicians lack 'serious intent'. They phrase this slightly differently.  Peggy drills holes and puts up the rail. Ella deals with the curtains. Ella pronounces the word 'Voile' as Voy-lee which causes 'The Font' some momentary confusion. We are very happy with the curtains and the Voy-lee.

The electrician doesn't show up. A message on his phone says ' Due to the density of calls this line will only be answered in an emergency'.  You try figuring that one out. The plumber seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. His phone rings and then goes straight to voicemail.

The designs for the building work should be ready this coming week. Mid-week much time was spent with a cheerful lady from the planning department who told the architect that he couldn't do what he wanted to do. 'Amended' plans are being prepared.


WFT Nobby said...

Perhaps the architect could design in a paw bath near the door to outside?
Good to hear that the curtains are in place and also good to hear that the cool cafe appreciates the importance of ensuring Sophie is happy. Perhaps at this very minute someone is programming 'water bowl for dogs' and 'oatmeal biscuit' into the range of options on the machines.

Lisa in France said...

Well, you can't really expect that St. Andrews will be able to match the splendid holiday decorations in your old village!

Travel said...

I would definitely think about a dog wash by the door. The planning department person was cheerful when saying no, maybe saying no brings her great pleasure. Maybe she is just a nice person with a difficult job.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
The Canny Soulers would have missed their visit with Sophie - and perhaps Angus. YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Those Christmas decorations look quite professional. Somehow, I'd imagined a row of multi-coloured bulbs on a slack wire - even though it's sophisticated St. Andrews.
A new way to order coffee and pay - does that include the lone dog bowl at the end?
Lucky Sophie - an oatmeal biscuit is better than none.
Lindy was given a snack by a very kind gentleman seated at the next table this morning. She's on a very strict diet, having been over-fed "randomly" by the several kind people who took her in previously. Now I have to be a meanie and strict with her diet. I feel so guilty - no snacks or treats allowed until she's lost at least 5 kilos!

Jake of Florida said...

Would love a peek at the voy lee!!!

Linda said...

In Cromdale, near Grantown on Spey, there is a single Christmas light (Santa in a sleigh) that is lit up all year. The others (on the dozen or so lamp posts in the village) only spring to life at Christmas.

Gemma's person said...

Lucky Sophie.
That room is beautiful.
Glad you are pleased with the curtains. Check one thing off then.
I hope more comes for you quickly.

Virginia said...

Golly, between not being permitted to do what you want to, and tradespeople who are 'off the grid', progress is unlikely to be speedy! I had friends with two Old English Sheepdogs and they had a fully tiled bathroom, equip with flexible rose showers and huge blow driers for their dogs. Twenty years later the house was sold to a colleague of my husband's and the shower sorrow was still looking good, and working well for their children!!