Thursday, October 12, 2023

Luring a new generation.

The town has its own rhythms. The golfers have now largely gone. They've been replaced by fresh faced young things and their parents being shown round the university. It's the season of Open Days for next years intake. Student volunteers in their red gowns can be seen shepherding the wannabe hopefuls past the main sights. The parents look earnest. Some of the fresh faced wannabes look bored as only teenagers can - others look petrified. The sun beams down from a cloudless sky. It always does this to lure a new generation of unsuspecting teenagers into the first impression belief that Scotland really isn't that wet .... or windy.

There seem to be a tremendous number of these groups although I think they might get even more popular when Netflix broadcasts the new season of 'The Crown' later this month. 2,000 new undergraduates are expected next October and I'm guessing a goodly percentage of them will be checking the place out over the next week or two. The thought that visiting fathers would be flocking to the Timberlake/Tiger sports bar ( if it was open ) for a 'restorative' tipple crosses my mind. Perhaps its not such a bad idea. 

Angus settles down at an outside table at the coffee shop. The waitress brings him the local paper to help whittle away the time while 'The Font' goes off to buy some Brie de Melun from the cheesemonger. The lead story is ( again ) the plan for the new sports bar. In a town where little ever happens this is a story that will run and run. On the inside pages a  truer picture of life in these parts is evident.

How wonderful that pedigree cattle are still paid for in guineas. As a child on a Scottish island I can remember that the local doctor charged in guineas. I'd always thought this was a rather clever way of adding 5% to the price.

A group of noisy English youngsters are seated at the next table. They're planning their winter break. They plan to spend a few nights in a hotel near the Jungfrau.  Based on this overheard conversation I can tell the cool cats amongst you that this is the must go to place when visiting Switzerland this coming ski season    :  


WFT Nobby said...

Fine livestock on display today!
But I'm puzzled about the island doctor who charged in guineas. Surely the NHS predated Angus's childhood?
The youngsters heading for a winter break in Murren rather reinforce the stereotype about the background of the typical St Andrews University student.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Decent-looking beasts, those... I'm still trying to picture this sports bar in grand old St Andrews. Find myself frowning. YAM xx

Linda said...

If the students are staying at that hotel then their parents must have deep pockets. And if the students are staying at that hotel then it's one to be avoided! Not somewhere that as parents of a St Andrews student we would have considered funding for a fraction of a second.

waterdog said...

Thanks for the vacation tip on where to avoid this winter!
I think I’d rather cuddle up to one of those handsome black-faced sheep!
I’m not sure the city fathers like the idea of. Tiger/Timberlake assault on the town, but it will likely improve the tax base.
Enjoying the ongoing tour of the town.
Greetings from Maryland.

Travel said...

I think Universities time those visits when the weather might be nicer. I miss local newspapers that cover important things like sheep.

Teena and Lala said...

At first glance I wondered why the above the arch in the first picture were two substantial bottles of wine.

Fine wee coo.


Lisa in France said...

Beautiful ram, but why is the judge holding what looks like a French flag?

Diaday said...

My grandparents lived in a farming community and I loved reading the farm news and the rural goings on when we went to visit.