Thursday, October 19, 2023

The first of the year.

London quiet. That time when summer is a distant memory and plans for festive shopping haven't yet taken root. We go for dinner to a restaurant that is usually booked solid but find that there are only three tables taken.

The first Christmas tree of the year spotted as our cab passes a house in Pont Street. Is this a record ?

'Shag cakes' at the bakery counter. Have you ever seen anything so colourful ?

Chocolates the size of golf balls. Interesting flavours but why make them so big ?

The station flower shop is open but there's no one behind the counter. Flower theft is presumably unheard of.

A dog waiting for a train to Cambridge makes its boredom plain. Our LNER goes ( and arrives )  on time . Later trains will be stopping in Edinburgh or York. The east coast has a red weather warning - 100 kmh winds and 10" of rain are expected. That's unusual even by Scottish standards. The train company is being prudent. After last weeks downpour the soil won't be able to absorb any more water and widespread flooding is expected.

This morning the rain is bucketing down and the wind howling like a banshee.  The sea pounding the shore like an uncaged beast. The single power line that connects us to the village and the grid is swinging backwards and forwards in the gale - candles are ready and torches charged in case there is a 'service interruption'. This is a morning when even the hardiest of dogs and their owners will have hurried walks....extremely hurried walks.  'The Font' is thankful that the 'cabin' has been over engineered. Interestingly, metal beams set six feet into the ground still manage to vibrate when hit by these storm winds. 

Seven French airports were closed for a while due to bomb threats yesterday. Toulouse among them.


jabblog said...

An exciting day in prospect for you. I hope connections remain intact.

Jake of Florida said...

No candles please.

WFT Nobby said...

Those 'shag cakes' are something else!
Dog does not appear to be looking forward to his train trip.
Just back from taking Nobby for an extended walk this morning. VERY windy but we timed it well, getting back home ten minutes before the rain hit...
Time for Scotland's east coast residents to batten down the hatches.
Cheers, Gail.

Angus said...

WFT - Glad you managed to get in a walk before the weather worsens. We've made it into town and back before the storm hits .

Coppa's girl said...

Never seen or heard of a 'shag cake' before. As Gail says they are something else.
Forecast here today is currently 24ÂșC, but we too have a yellow wind warning. Not welcome after I've cleaned up all the fallen leaves and congratulated myself on how neat and tidy the garden looks! There are already new piles of fallen leaves everywhere. At least we don't have the rain - yet.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...that's one shovelful of butter icing going on with that bakery shelf... The edge of Barnet hitting the Hutch now. YAM xx

sillygirl said...

You have a singing cabin! Maybe you could add a few "instruments" to fill in a full cord.

waterdog said...

Perhaps the purple tree is celebrating Halloween, not Christmas.
Many in my area use the purple lights to enhance their orange lights.
Sounds like Mother Nature is ready to make her presence known.
Glad you are home safely!
JoAnn in Maryland

Travel said...

Stay safe and warm.

Stephanie said...

The pastries are extremely colorful plus I see a bouquet of vividly blue roses at the flower shop.

rottrover said...

I'm very happy that you 'over engineered.' Sounds frightening and beautiful.

The Font has inspired me to build a wee cabin out of half of my garage with big windows to look out at my view. While we get strong wind gusts here, nothing like the North Sea. No 6' metal beams will be necessary.
I hope. The workmen are here now tearing down the wall :)

CheerfulMonk said...

Thank you again for continuing to write. My daughter spent her junior year at St. Andrews, so we're fascinated by your experiences.