Monday, June 17, 2024

Arrogant gulls.

The weather has been awful.  When BBC Scotland forecasts heavy rain you know there's going to be HEAVY rain. Overnight it's been torrential. It's also decidedly cold - even by North Sea standards

This morning its brighter although the cloud to the North suggests more weather is on the way.

We stop off at the farm shop for some strawberries. They were picked ten minutes ago. We take three punnets. The Polish lady behind the counter is hoping for some sunshine and warmth to bring her crop on.

The gulls are back . They have an attitude that signals that they, and not the townsfolk, are the masters of this place.  The house in town is about to welcome friends from Florida. Let's hope the gulls that were nesting on the neighbours flat roof last year have decided to move elsewhere. Perhaps I should call to suggest  ear plugs might be worth packing ?

The supermarket has a section of exotic Eastern European foods.

Some bright spark has decided that French Fries fall in this category. And to think Scotland used to have a world beating educational system.


WFT Nobby said...

Recently purchased Scottish grown strawberries have hinted at a lack of sunshine.
Based on my experiences in Edinburgh week ago, the answer to your Taylor Swift question is definitely "yes".
Cheers Gail.

Jake of Florida said...

We're just getting over days of torrential rain and flooding with more to come so I hope your Florida friends will find your heavy rains have gone elsewhere by the time they arrive.

jabblog said...

I'm still smiling at French fries as exotic Eastern European foods.

Coppa's girl said...

Perhaps the French fries are just exotic to Eastern Europeans? Not a strawberry in sight at two of the local supermarkets, it's the cherry season so strawberries disappear from the shelves.
Our gulls are not so much arrogant as thugs!

Travel said...

Great price on the strawberries, I was paying about $9 for the same weight this spring. I also see gouda in the eastern european foods section. Hmm, where does that leave Scotland, is is east of north America.

Diaday said...

I laughed when I saw the French fries as "exotic food." My husband likes to bring leftover French fries home from his restaurant meals. For me French fries are good the first time on the plate and not reheated the next day. There's something for everyone.