Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Razor sharp.


Rain one minute, tropical heat the next. Welcome to a Scottish summer. This morning there's a Royal Navy vessel moored a hundred meters offshore. A group of swimmers are leaping out of a Zodiac and landing on the rocks where the Cormorants perch. The Cormorants aren't happy about this. The Royal Marines or Special Boat Squadron or whoever they are ignore us. The farmers wife says they come here every year. Last summer we were at the house in town while the kitchen was installed which may explain why this martial activity comes as a surprise. Rather them than me - the rocks must be razor sharp.

A drive down the coast to the farm shop. All the farm shops are fancy but this one serves the upmarket Edinburgh crowd who have summer homes here. The summer homes are being 'opened up' ahead of the school holidays.

The shop has garlic at a price the French would consider outrageous.

Back in town many of  the apartments that have been let out to students during term time have had a brusque makeover with a can of paint and are now being let out to the £3000 a week summer crowd.

One of the apartments has a plastic wreath on the front door  and plastic flowers in the window boxes. Someone clearly though this would make the place look 'luxurious '. 

With the students gone the age profile of the town has shifted from early twenties to late fifties. Judging from the hoardes of Madrilenos that are already here it must be some sort of Spanish holiday or perhaps they're escaping the heat ?


Virginia said...

That price of garlic would be fantastic over here! Our New Zealand garlic is NZ$60 s kilo ... that's around £30 for you. The Chinese stuff is a little cheaper, but I don't buy imported foods unless there is no alternative. And then only under protest! For instance, I don't buy jars of crushed garlic because every single brand is "imported" ... which means Chinese.

Were the strawberries flavoursome? Ours don't really taste of much until well into the season.

Angus said...

V - I'd have to say the Gariguettes in France were outstanding but these come a close second.

WFT Nobby said...

"Tropical heat"???
Has the fact that the thermometer might have registered above 15°C at some point this week gone to Angus's head?

Anonymous said...

Just grow your own. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Coppa's girl said...

Farm shops are something I miss here - the fruit and veg in your photos looks wonderful. All the best produce grown here immediately goes for export, to supermarkets or the weekly markets. No longer can you find a farmer's wife with a barrow, selling mis-shapen but absolutely delicious fruit and veg.
A plastic wreath and flowers? Not my idea of luxurious!

Travel said...

The prices look very good. It is nice to see fresh and local.

Diaday said...

Summertime produce...what a wonderful time of the year!

Stephanie said...

The poppies and fresh produce are a joy to behold. Why choose plastic flowers, especially in summer?